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NeoVolta Energy Storage Systems Making a Positive Impact on the Environment

California, the nation’s clean energy leader, is committed to generating 100% of its energy from renewable sources by 2045. Now that the state has more than a million solar homes—and counting—clean energy advocates are wondering if one million home storage systems might be next. With storage systems, self-generated solar power is…

Our systems have very high storage capacity, so your home uses more of its own solar power and relies even less on fossil fuel. Homeowners can also protect themselves from the next wave of blackouts, and the economics of energy storage are simply too good to pass up.

CEO Brent Willson

Microgrids: A Different Way to Deliver Power

That’s the promise at Kahauiki Village, a community for formerly homeless families near Sand Island. The village has its own independent power grid, or microgrid, that’s powered by solar panels, a battery and a backup generator. The village only draws power from the utility when there’s not enough sunlight and battery charge to meet its energy…

We want to encourage development of resources that can power the grid during grid outages or if some natural disaster were to hit and our infrastructure would not be able to withstand that, that we can still deliver a level of service especially to critical loads on the island.

Marc Asano, director of transmission and distribution and interconnection planning at Hawaiian Electric C

Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator to Accelerate These 17 Startups

The Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, a joint venture by major organizations on the UC Berkeley campus, public research university in California, U.S., has selected its top projects for its third blockchain Xcelerator batch – the largest yet. The Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator is a joint venture among the university’s Sutardja Center for…, the New Wiki on Renewable Energy and Related Topics is the latest Wiki on everything about renewable energy. Global warming is one of the major concerns for all the countries in the world right now. This crisis is no less than a global pandemic that is waiting for an outbreak. The future generations will not see what the current generation is able to see when it comes to clean…

McKinleyville Selects Ameresco to Develop Community Microgrid and Battery Energy Storage System

Ameresco, Inc. (NYSE:AMRC), a leading energy efficiency and renewable energy company, today announced that it has been selected by the McKinleyville Community Services District in California to design and build an integrated microgrid at the community’s Hiller Park wastewater treatment plant. The microgrid will incorporate existing…

Integrated Microgrids have proven their value for the government, local communities, and the private sector, and Ameresco has earned a leadership position in this space. With that, we will leverage the full breadth of our team’s experience in developing this system to the benefit of the citizens of McKinleyville.

Mike Bakas, Ameresco Executive Vice President

The greening of retail: why sustainability is the new frontline, and how tech innovation can help

Spurred on by movements such as Extinction Rebellion, School Strikes for Climate, veganism, the plastic backlash and biodiversity conservation, consumers have found a compelling new reason to buy. Retailers who fail to adapt to their rapidly changing priorities risk alienating customers, especially those from younger demographics, eroding brand…

Empowering Social Entrepreneurs to Achieve more Using Technology

Microsoft, through its Microsoft for Startups initiative, has announced the launch of its Global Social Entrepreneurship programme. Around the world, startups are creating new businesses, built around powerful technologies and designed to make the world a better place, said a statement by Microsoft4Afrika. Innovators and entrepreneurs are…

Solving global social and environmental challenges requires synergy of the right technology, partners, conducive environment and technology. When startups work together with investors, enterprises, governments, non-profits and communities, we are able to unlock new potentials.

Microsoft4Afrika Director Amrote Abdella

Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc. Announces Its First Private Sector Deployment Agreement with Digital Energy Corp to Install a Zinc-Air Energy Storage System in New York City

Zinc8 Energy Solutions is pleased to announce a Deployment Agreement with Digital Energy Corp, a New York-based private sector developer of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants, solar systems and microgrids. This agreement is financially supported by The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, known as NYSERDA…

This deployment marks a major milestone in Zinc8 Energy Solutions’ path to full commercialization and underscores the growing demand for low-cost reliable long-duration energy storage.

Ron MacDonald, President and CEO of Zinc8 Energy Solutions

My Word: Can solar or floating offshore wind supply our electricity?

Humboldt’s denial of Terra-Gen’s wind plant leaves us without enough carbon-free electricity to meet Redwood Coast Energy Authority’s commitment to clean power. And RCEA’s goal is what we need, because the climate crisis most agree we face demands massive reductions in CO2 emissions. Reports by Schatz Lab show how fossil fuels…

Seasonal storage technology has the potential to become cost-effective long-term electricity storage system

Seasonal storage technology has the potential to become a cost-effective long-term electricity storage system. This is one of the key findings of DNV GL’s latest research paper ‘The promise of seasonal storage’, which explores the viability of balancing yearly cycles in electricity demand and renewable energy generation with long-term storage…

As renewables take a larger share of the energy mix, new issues need to be addressed, such as meeting the increasing demand for electricity even when there is no wind or sun. Our research shows that seasonal storage provides a possible solution to address the problem of long periods without renewable generation, for example in the Northern European winter.

Lucy Craig, Director of Technology and Innovation at DNV GL Energy

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