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Smart Disruption: The Transactive Energy System – part 1

The rise of distributed energy resources (DER) brings forth new opportunities in revolutionizing the power grid system and how generation companies, consumers, and utilities interact in the transactive energy market. Generally defined, transactive energy pertains to the management of supply and electricity consumption through economic and market…

However, what we are experiencing now is a different kind of transactive energy system dominated by DER, and powered by connectivity, internet, smart controls, big data, and cloud computing.

Elon Musk’s Battery Farm Is an Undeniable Success

More than two years after winning an electricity bet, Elon Musk’s resulting Australian solar and wind farm is an almost total success. The facility powers rural South Australia, whose population density falls between Wyoming and Alaska, the two least dense U.S. states. In 2016, South Australia experienced a near-total blackout after…

Hornsdale and other grid-scale batteries offer a way to tackle the variability of wind and solar power, and South Australia is seen as a global testbed in the transition away from fossil fuels, with the state getting more than half its power from renewable sources last year.


Heineken, Enel Green Power Close on Renewable Energy Agreement

In line with its sustainability strategy to help reduce the impact of climate change, Heineken México and Enel Energía México, a retail subsidiary of the Enel Group, have closed on a 100% renewable energy agreement. The terms of the agreement state that for the next 10 years, Enel Energía México will provide the Dutch firm with 100% clean…

This alliance is something to be proud of, as it represents a step towards making this year’s operations of the company 66% renewable in terms of energy consumption, with the aim to achieve 100% in 2030.

Marco Antonio Mascarúa Galindo, vice president of corporate affairs at Heineken Mexico

Investing in new technology is not enough to stop climate change

Catastrophic weather has become increasingly common. Human-induced climate change presents a huge threat. This fact becomes ever clearer with each major weather event. Meanwhile, the global population is increasingly reliant on power and grid connectivity. Utility companies will be amongst the first to face the realities of our new climate…


Living on an island forces one to be an innovator in ways large and small. For the 50 or so year-round residents of Isle au Haut, an island off the coast of Maine, innovation can look like using PVC pipe as a curtain rod because there are no real curtain rods at hand — or it can look like the future of the nation’s electrical grid. The 6-mile-long by 2-mile-wide…

We have to have a plan that takes one baby step at a time. When you look at what the Isle au Haut is doing, that’s a really interesting baby step that actually is a pretty big leap in the scheme of things.

Chip Seibert of Kilowatt Labs

California Ports Turn to Microgrids for Energy Security, Demand Flexibility

As California policymakers strengthen the state’s climate and clean energy targets, billions of dollars are being invested to transition to zero-emission cargo-handling equipment at major ports. Swapping diesel-powered trucks for electric models and equipping ships to plug into the grid while at berth offers lifesaving public health benefits…

Demonstrating microgrids is very important to the Port of Long Beach because as we go to zero emissions, we know that we’re going to have to have microgrids constructed in all our new marine terminals, and probably most of the existing ones.

Christine Houston, manager of sustainable practices at the Port of Long Beach

Project developers in south Asia can secure cash from IRENA funding pot

The Climate Investment Platform launched by three multilateral bodies in September is now open for business and renewables companies in developing nations across 14 regions including south Asia could qualify for help with clean energy facilities, renewables-related grid improvements, and energy efficiency schemes…

Renewable energy is the most effective and ready solution to rising carbon emissions. Together with energy efficiency, [renewables] can deliver 90% of the emission reductions needed under the Paris Agreement but investment and deployment must increase significantly.

Francesco La Camera, director-general of IRENA

Unibright to Pilot Blockchain-Based Renewable Energy Trading in Germany

On March 9, blockchain technology provider Unibright (UBT) announced a partnership with German startup Wasserkraft Mittelrhein to use the Unibright Framework to facilitate decentralized renewable energy trading. The partnership will see the firm join Wasserkraft Mittelrhein to facilitate trading, monitoring and data analysis of renewable…

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