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Battery Manufacturing Must Take Utility-Scale Energy Storage to the Next Level

A revolutionary shift is underway in the electricity we use, and few people are even aware it’s happening. For years, much of the conversation has been about trying to get people to think green and make small changes in their lives to make a difference for the planet. Meanwhile, an idea has been taking root quietly, one with massive scale…

The meteoric rise of these battery systems isn’t a short-term trend.

Lindsay Gorrill

Open Source will speed technological innovation and enable the energy transition

Growing and supporting renewable energy through a truly collaborative open-source initiative is the objective of LF Energy. LF Energy is a nonprofit, vendor-neutral initiative from The Linux Foundation with an action plan to modernize electrical systems worldwide through open frameworks, reference architectures, and a support…

Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition by hosting, building, facilitating and enabling the distributive computing paradigm as it relates to distributed energy resources. That is everything from control infrastructure to the foundations for new markets, micro-transactions, the edge devices, the whole thing.

Shuli Goodman, executive director of LF Energy

Why Alternative Energy Stocks Collapsed Today

These are just a few of the alternative energy companies that are doing their darnedest to save the world from global energy by pioneering a green energy boom that will free the world from dependence upon traditional fossil fuels — in a word: oil. Sadly, they’re also all victims of today’s market rout. As of 11:55 a.m. EDT today, shares of Clean Energy…

A flexible brain for AI

Scientists at Osaka University built a new computing device from field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) that can be customized by the user for maximum efficiency in artificial intelligence applications. Compared with currently used rewireable hardware, the system increases circuit density by a factor of 12. Also, it is expected to reduce energy usage…

Our system based on field-programmable gate arrays has a very fast design cycle. It can be reprogrammed daily if desired to get the most computing power for each new AI application.

Masanori Hashimoto

Why renewable energy infrastructure is creating a buzz

The climate emergency has brought the renewable energy sector to the fore as part of the solution for a low carbon future, and making the need for greater investment more pressing. With the sector underpinned by a growing array of sustainable infrastructure, stretching from offshore wind turbines to large-scale solar parks, income-seeking investors…

UK companies to invest £12bn in switch to electric vehicles

British companies are expected to spend more than £12bn switching their fossil fuel vehicles for clean electric versions over the next two years. A survey found that nearly half of UK businesses are planning to invest in chargeable cars and vans in advance of the government’s ban on sales of new internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035…

Businesses having confidence in electric vehicles is crucial to end the UK’s contribution to climate change and improve air quality for all.

Rachel Maclean, the transport minister

Researchers create new electric vehicle battery

Researchers in the College of Engineering & Computing have strapped themselves into the driver’s seat and entered the fast-evolving world of electric vehicle batteries. Professor Bilal El-Zahab and his team have a patent pending on a high-density lithium model that relies on platinum and related chemical elements to boost energy storage…

FIU is positioned perfectly to take advantage of this innovative technology to power the next energy innovation. We feel confident, especially as we are backed by industry partners that are well-recognized as visionaries in their fields.

Professor Bilal El-Zahab

Asia’s love of stinky durian could help power tuk-tuks and phones

Pungent, spiky durian – a fruit banned in many public places in Asia due to its foul smell – has been used by scientists to store electricity, and could one day help power electric vehicles and mobile phones across the region. University of Sydney researchers took the non-edible waste from durian and jackfruit – usually disposed of in landfill at a high cost…

We thought about using the template that nature provides – a waste material with zero cost that is typically sent to landfill – and processed that into making this super-capacitor electrode.

Vincent Gomes, an associate professor at the university

Neighborhood Microgrids would Provide Resilience under Sunrun Plan

Solar and storage provider Sunrun has proposed creating neighborhood microgrids that would allow for resilience and energy sharing within “distribution islands.” The company released a paper intended to encourage utilities and other stakeholders to consider reconfiguring the grid into distribution circuits that can be islanded…

Imagine a future with high penetrations of rooftop solar and batteries. Not every home can have solar and storage. We would need a flexible grid to share the resources.

Audrey Lee, vice president, energy services, Sunrun

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