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Scotland must act now to stop renewable energy being squandered just like oil

SCOTLAND should learn from the UK’s past failures to capitalize on the country’s oil revenues and aim to set up a wind fund by investing in publicly owned renewable projects that benefit all Scots, it has been claimed. The call comes from a growing number of industry experts, campaigners and academics, who are highlighting the need…

Lego to go green as company vows 100% sustainability for its bricks by 2030

There may be a global revolt against plastic, but Danish toymaker Lego, famous for its multi-coloured plastic building bricks, remains a raging success, even if it, too, aims to go green. Once revolutionary, then a ubiquitous material, plastic is increasingly being shunned due to the lasting harm its chemical components do to the planet…

Toy manufacturers are really embracing this topic… There’s a lot of innovation in both packaging and material for toys.

Tim Brooks, head of corporate responsibility

Clean energy produced on Navajo land could help power Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES – In a city renowned for its green policies, Prius drivers and biodegradable straws, it was only a matter of time before officials would vote to move away from coal-powered electricity. To transition to clean energy, the city sold its shares of a coal-powered generating station on the Navajo Nation in 2016, ending a decades-long relationship…

We’re talking about solar energy, wind energy; in other words, completely transitioning from coal into renewable resources.

Mitch O’Farrell, the City Council member who presented the motion

Minesto Signs PPA With Electric Utility SEV for Utility-scale Tidal Energy Installations

The PPA comprises both the planned installations of two 100kW systems of Minesto’s subsea kite technology and an additional 2MW capacity allocated for installations of utility-scale tidal energy systems in the Faroe Islands. Minesto and SEV have initiated the first phase of collaboration to integrate tidal energy through Minesto’s Deep Green technology in…

Coronavirus And Global Supply Chain Disruption: A Wake-Up Call For Climate Policy?

Coronavirus has slowed down economic activity and temporarily reduced China’s carbon emissions. However, there is a deeper implication for climate policy: decarbonization depends on global supply chains for inputs required for electric vehicles, solar panels, and wind turbines. What if these supply chains get disrupted…

Why 2030 Isn’t The Magic Year For Electric Vehicles

It’s become common to see the year 2030 as the tipping point when auto transportation will be historically transformed — with plug-in vehicles making up 100 percent of new vehicle sales in a few countries with mandates, and that electric vehicles will take up a big share of global sales. But a new study took a deep look into the numbers and found a more…

EVs have the potential to become the leading powertrain system used in autonomous vehicles in the next three decades or more.

Diversifying Zimbabwe’s power matrix

Zimbabwe is setting its sights on diversifying the country’s energy matrix to ease dependence on its main ZESA electricity grid and power imports from neighboring countries through the uptake of renewable energy. Despite, the economic problems facing the country and the huge cost of investing in renewables, the country is making steady…

There is a silver lining on the problems we have been facing as a country in the energy sector.

Eng Gloria Magombo, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Energy and Power Development

From climate grief to climate action: Young people need hope, concrete goals

Whether you believe that or not, many young people are already in mourning for a world they believe will perish in their lifetime. It’s called eco-anxiety, or climate grief. The climate change conversation has taken on a relentless urgency, complete with doomsday scenarios suggesting that the planet will reach a catastrophic tipping point by 2030…

Evolving research indicates that presenting environmental ‘disasters’ to children at an improper age does not foster action — rather it can dissuade engagement with nature.

Central Banks Are Exploring Blockchain — but for Their Own Reasons

Despite the interest shown in decentralized ledger technology by central banks, cryptocurrencies continue to be mistrusted by the traditional financial system. This has been made apparent from comments by Andrew Bailey, the upcoming governor of the Bank of England, when addressing members of the United Kingdom Parliament at…

“The overhead needed to operate a consensus mechanism is the main reason why DLTs have lower transaction throughput than conventional architectures. Specifically, these limits imply that current DLT could not be used for the direct CBDC except in very small jurisdictions, given the probable volume of data throughput.”

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