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FG, firm partner to deploy solar energy solutions across Nigeria

The Federal Government, weekend, entered into a partnership with an indigenous energy firm, Ukpa Hansa Energy Solutions Limited, for the deployment of solar energy solutions to households across the country. The partnership, which is between Hansa Energy and the Nigerian Postal Service, NIPOST, was designed to address…

This partnership between NIPOST and Ukpa Hansa is one that would bring succor to Nigerians; give electricity to the remotest part of Nigeria, where the hope for electricity from the national grid would not materialize, even in the next 10 years. With this solution, electricity would no longer be a problem.

Managing Director of Ukpa Hansa Energy Solutions Limited, Chief Ewie Aimienwauu

Kicking coal, Oregon emerges as a solar and energy storage development hub

Obsidian Renewables LLC recently broke ground on a portion of its planned 400-MW Obsidian Solar Center in Lake County, with a potential 50-MW flow battery storage system, David Brown, a company co-founder and senior principal, said in an interview. It is the largest solar project under development in Oregon, nearly seven times the capacity of…

Unexpected discovery: Blue-green algae produce oil

Cyanobacteria—colloquially called blue-green algae—can produce oil from water and carbon dioxide with the help of light. This is shown by a recent study by the University of Bonn. The result is unexpected: Until now, it was believed that this ability was reserved for plants. It is possible that blue-green algae will now also become interesting as…

We have now shown for the first time that cyanobacteria can do the same. This was a complete surprise, not only to us.

Prof. Dr. Peter Dörmann from the Institute of Molecular Physiology and Biotechnology of Plants (IMBIO) at the University of Bonn

Downsizing the McMansion: Study gauges a sustainable size for future homes

Much wider adoption of smart design features and renewable energy for low- to zero-carbon homes is one place to start — the U.N. estimates households consume 29% of global energy and consequently contribute to 21% of resultant CO2 emissions, which will only rise as global population increases. However, a new scholarly paper…

There is no question that if we are serious about embracing our expressed commitments to sustainability, we will in the future need to live more densely and wisely.

Maurie Cohen, the paper’s author and professor at NJIT’s Department of Humanities

GM’s new electric car battery tops Tesla’s

In a major challenge to electric car leader Tesla, General Motors announced it has created a new electric vehicle battery that offers up to 400 miles of range and will be cheaper to produce than today’s batteries. The new battery cells will hold enough energy to potentially power a car for 400 miles or more on a single charge, the company…

GM is building toward an all-electric future because we believe climate change is real. We want to put everyone in an EV, and we have what it takes to do it.

GM CEO Mary Barra

The ambiguous impact of battery storage on emissions

U.S. researchers have investigated whether energy storage deployment could actually drive up greenhouse gas emissions in the short term in some energy markets. The fact the existing literature considers only the dispatch of energy from storage facilities in the current fossil fuel-renewables energy mix, though, could understate the…

Energy storage tends to increase the value of system resources used for charging and decrease the value of generators it competes against when discharging, which suggests that impacts are context-dependent and require modeling to estimate.

Microgrids, indoor agriculture go together like peas and carrots

Plant factories may be the technology we need to feed a growing and warming planet. The operations, which have no access to natural sunlight and grow plants in vertical rows, are designed to be incredibly efficient. They require 95 percent less water and 99 percent less land than conventional farms, while growing leafy greens with…

Plant factories have a unique energy load profile. They’re incredibly energy-intense for three-quarters of the day, and then shed most of their loads when the lights turn off.

Mark Feasel, president of smart grid at Schneider Electric

Solar energy storage breakthrough unveiled in drive to deliver affordable round-the-clock renewable energy to millions

The power storage system uses a unique recycled aluminum-based system that decreases the reliance on diesel by up to 95 percent. Interestingly, the new technology is based on the 200-year-old Stirling Engine that runs solely on heat, without any emissions. The technology represents a seismic shift for the energy sector. It halves the cost of…

Smart Cities Solving Today’s Healthcare Challenges

According to the United Nations, 68% of the world’s population is projected to live in urban settings by 2050. With over 6,000 hospitals in the United States and over 36.5 million admissions annually, as reported by the American Hospital Association, health organizations are constantly being challenged. Here are smart cities and how they are…

Construction going digital

Construction, being the least digitalized industry, awaits induction of latest technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Though it is two decades since the ongoing Industrial Revolution entered its fourth phase, only 10 percent of Internet users in India say they know the IoT…

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