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Russia Is Building an Autonomous Arctic Base to Develop Futuristic Tech

Russia plans to build a carbon-zero outpost in the Arctic within the next few years in order to demonstrate autonomous renewable power and help remote polar communities adapt to rapid climate change. Called “Snowflake,” the modular station will be constructed in the Land of Hope, a region that lies at the northern edge of the…

The station plays a role in this as a large-scale experiment that would demonstrate that we could go zero-carbon and power a major facility—even in the Arctic—without burning diesel or other fossil fuels.

Yury Vasiliev, executive director of the MIPT Institute of Arctic Technologies

Green Mountain Power’s pioneering steps in transactive energy raise big questions about DER’s value

The ultimate dream for distributed energy resources (DER) is “transactive energy” and a completely decentralized energy marketplace that allows transactions between all residential and commercial customers on the distribution system. Transactive energy is now done in wholesale power markets, but the transactions are enabled by system…

Transactive energy should derive optimum value from customer-owned or utility-owned assets. But value is not cost per kWh, it is the relative costs of keeping electricity flowing. On the distribution system, value is complex because of the magnitude of customers and assets

Avista Utilities Electrical Engineering Fellow and Technology Strategist Curtis Kirkeby

Boss of Norway’s fund giant to steer US$10.7bn green energy splurge from London

The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund will tap its outgoing boss to lead a new campaign to invest billions of dollars in green energy in the space of a few years. Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) is to use its trillion-plus-dollar pot of oil wealth money to inject 100 billion Norwegian crowns (US$10.7 billion) into unlisted renewable…

[It] is not a climate policy measure, but is a part of the investment strategy for the fund.

Siv Jensen

In a ‘groundbreaking year,’ massive US battery storage projects underway in 2020

Following the Monterey County Planning Commission’s Feb. 26 approval of the 182.5-MW Tesla Moss Landing Battery Energy Storage Project (Elkhorn), facility owner Pacific Gas and Electric Co. and technology supplier Tesla Inc. hope to begin building one of the world’s most powerful battery systems at the California utility’s Moss Landing substation…

Energy storage deployment will increase in 2020, but the real acceleration will start next year.

Felix Maire, a senior analyst at S&P Global Platts Analytics

Switzerland Community Successfully Trials Local Blockchain Electricity Market

A community in Switzerland has completed a successful year long trial of a blockchain electricity market, a technology being eyed for community microgrids. The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) funded project Quartierstrom, the first of its kind in the world, involving 37 households in Walenstadt, Switzerland. For one year, the…

We were really surprised how often the participants logged in and monitored what’s going on in the system and how often they changed prices.

Verena Tiefenbeck, leader of the Bits to Energy Lab at ETH Zurich

Australia Plans To Literally Export Sunshine To Asia

Australia is now looking to utilize its solar power to boost its economy. The country plans to export solar energy to countries in Asia amid the growing demand for renewable energy and efforts to address climate change. Sun Cable is a recently proposed project that aims to build a 10 gigawatts solar farm in the country’s Northern Territory…

It could pioneer a renewable energy export industry for Australia, creating new manufacturing industries and construction jobs. Importantly, it could set our economy on a post-fossil fuel trajectory.

India Is Fostering a Solarized Digital Future

India is fostering a digital future via Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Digital India” initiative: A national blockchain strategy that includes quantum computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence as digital technologies become the primary platform for economic activity and growth. The IMF and the World Bank have…

If we had a way to keep those drones and UAVs flying indefinitely, that would have really far-reaching implications. With power beaming, we have a path toward being able to do that.

Paul Jaffe

Turning water into watts

In many ways, the ocean seems like the most obvious place in the world to look for energy. Water covers about 70% of the planet, and much of it, driven by the Sun, is in constant motion. Surface swells ferry energy from one place to another, while tides and currents, as reliable as the sunrise, move vast volumes of water in very short times…

The sea is an unforgiving environment. It is corrosive, fouling, energetic and forceful. Marine energy is harnessed at the extreme environmental edges.

Elaine Buck, a technical manager at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC)

Sustainable microgrids are the future of clean energy

Across the U.S., sustainable microgrids are emerging as a vital tool in the fight against climate change and increasingly common natural disasters. In the wake of hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires, the traditional energy grid in many parts of the country is struggling to keep the power flowing, causing outages that slow local…

The strong and silent type: e-snowmobile with H2 fuel cell

The Austrian company Rotax has presented the Lynx HySnow, an emission-free snowmobile. It is based on the Lynx 69 Ranger Alpine snowmobile popular in Austria’s ski resorts. It has been completely converted and equipped with an electric drive system including hydrogen fuel cell for greater power and range. The Rotax concept vehicle is the…

We have invested over four and a half years of intensive research and development in this flagship project. The Lynx HySnow is a technological masterpiece and a key milestone for our sustainable powertrain systems. As an integral part of a real hydrogen ecosystem, the example of Hinterstoder also demonstrates how we and our partners are successfully driving forward the decarbonization of winter tourism.

Nigel Foxhall, Director Advanced Engineering at BRP-Rotax

Nikola is going public to try to become the first zero-emission big rig company

Electric trucking startup Nikola is becoming a publicly traded company. The Arizona-based outfit announced Tuesday that it’s merging with a publicly listed acquisition company called VectoIQ, in a move that’s similar to what space company Virgin Galactic just pulled off in the second half of 2019. The transaction is expected to close sometime…

Nikola expects to be able to generate $3.2 billion in revenue in 2024 by selling 7,000 battery-powered trucks and 5,000 hydrogen trucks.

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