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Super Secret Perovskite Solar Cell Company Bursts Out Of Stealth Mode

For the past six years, a major US oil and gas holding company has been collaborating with the National Renewable Energy Lab on new breakthrough perovskite solar cell research. What a twist! The effort has been conducted through a relatively new division of the firm and it hasn’t attracted much attention, except that earlier this…

We strategically chose to develop perovskite solar several years ago; we envisioned its strategic importance as an innovative new energy technology in addressing the world’s energy needs for the future, as well as playing a part in combating climate change.

Hunter L. Hunt

How to manage gigawatts of rooftop solar and batteries? AEMO’s DER register is live!

Australia’s distributed energy resources — rooftop solar, batteries, smart devices — have become a force to be reckoned with, and AEMO has opened its DER Register to help integrate consumer assets into what is expected to become the world’s most sophisticated two-way energy market. Australia looks set to achieve a world-beating 3 GW…

More and more Australians are investing in distributed energy devices, creating an opportunity to develop a world-leading system that harnesses electricity and energy-related services from DER in homes throughout Australia.

Violette Mouchaileh, AEMO’s Executive General Manager of Emerging Markets

Energy storage projects reach ‘investment-grade’ with esVolta’s $140 million debt facility

It’s not the next lithium-ion battery breakthrough that’s going to accelerate the energy storage industry. It’s not the next inflated promise from a flow battery startup, compressed-air scheme, solid-state battery research project or energy storage dream funded by Bill Gates. esVolta, a developer of utility-scale battery energy storage projects…

We do think this is the largest and most significant funding for front-of-the-meter stand-alone energy storage.

Randolph Mann, president of esVolta

Opinion: How Blockchain Will Power The Electricity Grid of The Future

Earlier this month, under its “The Future of Everything” vertical, The Wall Street Journal reported how AI is improving the power grid. The Journal says artificial intelligence is “the key to keeping the lights on.” The article explains how power companies are “turning to AI, drones, and sensors to curtail outages, save money, and help operate…


Considerations about environmental sustainability are permeating all levels of the global economy, as companies realize that change is necessary for the resilience of their businesses, as well as society as a whole. Indeed, the activities of the chemical process industries (CPI) have traditionally involved the consumption of non-renewable…

If we accept that the human impact on the environment and climate has to be addressed, then every aspect of life will have to change in some way.

BaRon Gerrard, corporate sustainability officer at Huntsman Corp.

Storm-ravaged Bahamas rebuilding its power grid with emphasis on solar energy

Exactly six months ago this evening, Hurricane Dorian slammed into the northern Bahamas. It was the fifth Category 5 Atlantic hurricane in just the last three years. Before that, there hadn’t been a single “Cat-5” storm in nearly a decade. There’s a growing consensus among scientists that climate change is what’s making hurricanes…

The substation in Marsh Harbor which feeds us the power’s destroyed. And then, of course, you can see all the utility poles– are pretty much destroyed. So this isn’t a case where you– you come in and replace some poles, and you flick a switch. This is months, and months, and months of– of work.

Matt Winslow

African Renewable Energy Sources Underused Says Kenyan Power Expert

African’s rich renewable sources are being underused even though the continent aims to connect 60 million new households to electricity grids by 2030. The under-utilisation claim was made by Wnaguli Charles Wainaina, the Chief Procurement Officer of the Kenya Electricity Generating Co. Ltd ahead of his buying visit to Middle East Energy, the mega…

Specifically, I am interested in establishing a wider supply market for electrical solutions which I consider strategic to our operations. I believe that through networking sessions with manufacturers/ dealers of this equipment, we shall be able to jointly work together to develop supply market solutions for my organization, and for mutual benefit.

Wnaguli Charles Wainaina, the Chief Procurement Officer of the Kenya Electricity Generating Co. Ltd

Blockchain Adoption Challenges for Technology Enhancements

Currently, the latest buzzword in the finance and technology field is “Blockchain”. Several organizations are into developing their specific blockchain-related applications to run on them. In various industrial sectors, a great number of different chains are developed by organizations meeting different models. These subdue the need for distributed…

Artificial intelligence moves to the edge

The internet of things (IoT) has moved very much into the mainstream of industrial applications in recent years, but the promise of making sense of data on-site is being touted as an imminent step change. IoT devices will, it seems, meet artificial intelligence (AI). Hitherto mostly focused on small amounts of sensor data, the IoT of tomorrow will feature…

We could see walking sticks that analyze video in real-time to alert about obstacles. I think AI will be adopted in all kinds of devices that we’re not yet considering, precisely because it will get so cheap to do this.

Boris Cergol, head of artificial intelligence at Comtrade Digital Services

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