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WEF 2020: The Year Business Gets Serious About Sustainability

Every year, sustainability comes up at the World Economic Forum (WEF), focusing largely on low-carbon energy. But this year I sensed that like me, the other business leaders who met in Davos will go back to their companies with a renewed mission to work through how our organizations will steer towards a cleaner, more sustainable…

GE Renewable Energy to deliver wind turbines for 300 MW wind farm in Gujarat, India

Selected by EDF Renewables / SITAC Group Joint Venture to provide 112 wind turbines for low wind speed conditions. Sitac Kabini wind farm will have a total installed capacity of 300 MW. Wind farm will produce enough green energy to meet annual electricity requirements for 1.3 million people in India. GE Renewable Energy has received an order from…

We are now focused on making this project a success for our customer and we look forward to seeing our first 2.7 MW wind turbines up and running on-site very soon. With one of the largest rotors available in India to date, these turbines are perfectly suited for the country’s wind conditions.

Gilan Sabatier, Regional Leader for GE Renewable Energy’s Onshore Wind energy business in South Asia and ASEAN

Energy Storage—A Trillion-Dollar Holy Grail

The science of renewable energy is remarkable—the ability to harness nature to magically power our modern world is a seductive vision. And yet, the actual business of renewable energy is late to establish itself as a viable competitor to the petrochemical industry. The problem is rooted in cost parity and the challenges of production, storage, and disposal…

If you want to find the secrets of the universe…think in terms of energy.

Nikola Tesla

Tidal energy not just testing the waters but here to stay!

Ocean Energy Systems (OES) is predicting steady advances in ocean energy in 2020, driven by public and private sector funding. OES was launched in 2001 as a technology collaboration programme of the International Energy Agency. In November 2019, Henry Jeffrey, the organisation’s chairman…

In the last 12 months we have seen major progress with global tidal projects achieving extensive operating hours and wave technology progressing in a large-scale laboratory and offshore test sites.

Henry Jeffrey

The power is coming back on in Australian communities thanks to solar-powered minigrids

In the wake of Australia’s bushfires, an unprecedented natural disaster in which more than 20 percent of the continent’s forests burned, dozens of rural communities cut off from the electrical grid faced the grim prospect of weeks and even months before power might be restored. For Australian Mike Cannon-Brookes, that timeline just wasn’t…

In three weeks we’ve come together, found the technology, adapted it, put it on trucks, and right now it’s operating, generating electricity.

Mike Cannon-Brookes, billionaire co-founder of enterprise software giant Atlassian

Sunrun responds to PG&E’s gas procurement by modeling a decentralized grid

In response to a Pacific Gas and Electric system reliability request for proposals calling for “renewable natural gas substation-level microgrids,” third-party solar giant Sunrun has published a concept paper outlining how distributed energy resources can reliably supply the same services as those gas-powered microgrids After a disastrous fall and…

We wanted to imagine a world where a large majority of customers do have rooftop solar. In that future, how can we help not only our customers, but their neighbors as well?

VP of​ energy services at Sunrun and paper co-author, Dr. Audrey Lee

Africa grapples with clean energy conundrum

Africa is both the world’s least electrified continent and the most vulnerable to climate change. And as the continent with the world’s fastest-growing population, the decisions that African politicians make to boost power supplies could have an impact both locally and globally. The conundrum is how to meet the demand for energy without making the…

New enterprise blockchain venture capital fund invests in food startup

Venture capital fund LeadBlock Partners has made its first deal, investing in foodtech and blockchain platform Connecting Food. The food traceability startup recently announced contracts with Mondelez, Herta (Nestlé) and Axereal. It has now raised €2.1 million ($2.3 million) in a pre-series A round led by LeadBlock alongside repeat angel…

As you know, as of today, most enterprise blockchain applications are on permissioned blockchains, but we are open to public when used correctly. We believe that the lines between the two are going to blur as the tech improves.

Baptiste Cota

In Japan, Smart City Projects Have a Social Dimension

In Japan, a country with considerable technological influence on the global stage, the concept of a “smart city” has a strong social dimension, explained Atsushi Deguchi, a professor and vice dean at the University of Tokyo at Industrial IoT World last year. While in the U.S., smart city projects tend to focus on making technology upgrades to…

With Society 5.0, we are witnessing a shift in how we solve complex social issues with technology. Society 5.0 is in line with the values of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, characterized by a fusion of technologies that continually blurs the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres.

Atsushi Deguchi, a professor and vice dean at the University of Tokyo

There’s a Simple Way to Store Renewable Energy, And We Already Have The Technology

The effect that fossil fuels are having on the climate emergency is driving an international push to use low-carbon sources of energy. At the moment, the best options for producing low-carbon energy on a large scale are wind and solar power. But despite improvements over the last few years to both their performance and cost, a significant…

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