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Blockchain security startup CoolBitX raises $16.75 million Series B round – TechCrunch

CoolBitX, a blockchain safety startup based mostly in Taiwan, introduced right now it has raised $16.75 million in Sequence B funding, led by returning investor SBI Holdings, a Japanese monetary group. Korean cryptocurrency change Bitsonic, Monex Group, one other Japanese monetary group, and Taiwan’s Nationwide Growth Fund additionally…

Blue Nova Energy launches ‘MegaBoy’ smart energy storage system

South African energy storage solutions provider Blue Nova Energy has launched its largest energy solution to date. Called the MegaBoy or the Intelligent Energy Storage System (iESS), the smart battery product has been successfully demonstrated at Reunert Park in Midrand, Johannesburg. The 1MWh energy system can be charged through the…

4 ways the way we make things can change for a sustainable world

The way we make things is changing. But the Fourth Industrial Revolution isn’t solely about how new manufacturing technologies, like 3D printing, will benefit companies and consumers. It’s also about how the industry can usher in a cleaner, more sustainable world. It’s foolish to deny the planet is rapidly approaching the day when…

With nearly infinite reusability, 3D printed metal parts have begun to open the door to the notion of a circular manufacturing process in which products are designed to fit into sustainable loops, where components can be reused again and again.

Distributed and Customer-Based Energy Future

Traditionally the production and distribution of power have been the responsibility of a select few large corporations, but with the rise of affordable renewables and mounting pressure to be more environmentally friendly, the business structures and practices that have been in place pretty much since the late 1800s are destined to go through a major…

The role of the retailers at the moment is likely to change, and if I was a big retailer at the moment, I would be quite concerned about what my business model is going to be.

Energy Security Board of Australia chair Kerry Schott

Wärtsilä targets UK as ‘key new market’ as it signs deal for 100MW of storage

Wärtsilä is to deliver 100MW of battery storage to UK storage and electric vehicle charging infrastructure company Pivot Power. The company will support the two 50MW lithium-ion batteries under a 10-year service agreements with flexible performance guarantees, after the order was placed by Pivot in December 2019…

These Wärtsilä energy storage systems allow us to harness cutting-edge technology to future-proof our investments in a changing energy market, supporting our long-term goal to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint and bring us closer to net zero.

Pivot Power’s engineering director, Adrien Lebrun

A buoy-like device designed to produce electricity from the ocean is being developed in Scotland

A marine services firm based in Scotland has been awarded a £1 million ($1.29 million) contract to provide a 50-ton wave energy converter designed to turn the movement of the sea into electricity. Malin Renewables will construct a half-scale version of the device, dubbed the Archimedes Waveswing, for AWS Ocean Energy Ltd (AWS). The kit will be fabricated…

Submerged wave power buoy reacts to changes in sub-sea water pressure caused by passing waves. A direct-drive generator is used to turn this movement, or motion, into electricity.


Will a Single Utility, PG&E, Boost the 2020 Microgrid Market by $1 Billion?

By some estimates, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) is creating a $1 billion opportunity for microgrids, meaning one utility in one year could boost the worldwide market by 10%. Not surprisingly, the California utility by its own account received a “robust” number of bids by companies that want to provide the microgrids. PG&E issued a solicitation in…

Most of the companies in our space right now are kind of at capacity in terms of what we’re able to do.

Scale Microgrid, chief operating officer and co-founder, Tim Hade

The power of the PPA: should airports switch to direct power purchases?

Allowing a company to buy energy directly from the producer, power purchase agreements (PPAs) are becoming more and more popular. A few airports, including Sydney, JFK and Bristol, have taken the plunge already; is there scope for more to follow? Airports are now more than ever looking to neutralize their carbon footprint in the face of…

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of deals being done and I’m talking specifically about corporate tier, so multinational corporations who directly sign agreements with the renewable energy producer.

Bruce Douglas, deputy CEO at SolarPower Europe and coordinator of the RE-Source Platform

How the Internet of Things is Building Smarter Cities

Urban populations are rising around the world, but cities are struggling to keep up. As the silent force that has revolutionized our world, technology is now being leveraged to manage rapid urbanization and to create smarter cities. Today’s infographic from Raconteur explores how the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a vital component in…

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