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In An Era Of Climate Change, All Businesses Must Embrace Sustainability

Greta Thunberg tells Davos that we have less than eight years to save the planet. Even at one degree rise in global temperatures, people are dying from the impacts of climate change, think about 2+ degree scenario. This must raise serious alarms and act, we must! Act to change behaviors, lifestyles, use of energy, resources, ways of producing food…

Fear? Cost? Fame? What’s turning on Asian businesses to renewable energy?

Lionel Steinitz, the founder, and chief executive of Singapore-based renewable energy firm LYS Energy Group, came to Singapore nearly 20 years ago and spent his first year in the city-state serving the French army. The next 11 years of two decades lived in Singapore to date were spent in the banking industry, until 2011, not long after the global…

We’re a small company and can’t compete with very large firms on the cost of capital. So, we have to offer something different—innovation.

Lionel Steinitz

Towards a greener future with next generation solar cell technology

University of Canterbury (UC) chemistry researcher Dr. Paula Brooksby is at the forefront of research to refine fast-advancing solar cell technology. Together with Dr. Noel Duffy from CSIRO in Australia, she is exploring the potential of a carbon-based material to revolutionize photovoltaic technology and performance. ‘Graphene’ sounds rather like…

We aim to lay the groundwork for the next generation of solar cell design by providing an entirely new approach for constructing advanced optically transparent thin-film electrode materials.

Dr Brooksby and co-researcher Dr Noel Duffy (CSIRO)

Renewable energy investment is taking big strides in sub-Saharan Africa

Africa’s leading economies are increasingly looking to wind energy to power homes. It’s part of a trend towards varying forms of clean energy across the continent. South Africa, the continent’s most advanced economy, is a clear leader in renewable energy policy and projects, shows research (pdf) by BloombergNEF. For example, it will lead the drive for…

Governments are struggling to afford existing power purchase agreements and will have to make hard choices if they are to find room for renewables.

Future Innovation Lies in Blockchain Technology

An increase in usage of the internet raises the chances of cyber threats and online scams. The solution to this resides in blockchain technology, which is a much safer and secure platform. Blockchain is a record-keeping technology that offers an unmatchable layer of trust to the users. This technology is unique in the sense that it has a decentralized…

Companies need to embrace the blockchain technology to their system for eventually making it to the core part of their operations. To start with, the companies could at least dip their toes in the water.

Kunal Sawhney

Going green and sustainable

SUSTAINABLE FINANCE or green finance has been gaining traction across the financial value chain due to its economic benefits with environmental, social and governance considerations. Due to its appeal of bringing both sustainability-positive outcomes and investible returns, it is perceived as one of the tools mobilizing capital from the…

Funds can be mobilized towards projects in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, pollution prevention and control, environmentally sustainable management of living natural resources and land use, clean transportation, climate change adaptation, or green buildings that meet the national or international standards or certifications

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Deputy Governor Chuchi G. Fonancier

Sunseap Raises $80 Million to Support Solar Projects Across Asia

Sunseap Group, a Singapore-based renewable solutions provider, has raised 100 million in Singapore dollars (~$71.79 million) in its fourth round of fund-raising from Banpu, a publicly listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Banpu is an integrated energy solutions company with three core groups of business – energy resources…

Solar-Powered Vehicles From Solarolla

The refreshing part of being part of a clean energy blog like CleanTechnica for me is when an independent, innovative person or group contacts us about their work towards freedom from fossil fuels and adventures in nature. I received such a contact recently…

We’ve successfully retro-fitted several large vehicles (EStar, VW bus, etc…) with 100% solar power. We’ve been getting upwards of 100 miles per day, and have aspirations of having a 300 mile per day vehicle.

Daniel & the Solarolla team

IoT Middle East 2020 focuses on Driving Innovation and Improving Sustainability

An impressive line-up of partners and speakers addressed industry peers and stakeholders on utilizing the IoT landscape to drive innovation at the 5th Internet of Things 2020, held at Armani Hotel Dubai. The keynote addressed how AI has made business more profitable with Dr. Sven Korner and using semantic processing to interpret data to…

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