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Cover Story: How Shopping Centres Are Investing In Solar To Drive New Revenues

Australian shopping centres are transforming into power plants in response to rising electricity prices, easy access to capital and lower costs for renewable energy infrastructure. In a softer retail environment, shopping centres have reallocated their floor space. More square metres have gone to food and entertainment precincts as consumer…

We anticipate strong investment returns with the project to generate an internal rate of return of approximately 12 per cent.

Justin Mills, Chief Strategy Officer

Jeff Bezos’ $10B Earth Fund Should Look To Israel For Innovative Climate Change Solutions

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recently announced a new $10 billion fund to help fight climate change and save the planet, and scientists, environmental activists, farmers, and sustainability organizations the world over – including in Israel – are paying attention. Israel’s ecosystem is home to hundreds of groundbreaking green and clean technologies…

I want to work alongside others both to amplify known ways and to explore new ways of fighting the devastating impact of climate change on this planet we all share.


Hydropower in Central Asia: investors will come if they see profit

Hydropower is a strategic industry in Central Asia, as industrial production is developing and digitalization is ongoing in the region. How to attract investment in the hydropower sector, improve cooperation and develop green energy in the region? These issues were discussed by the participants of the international congress “Hydropower…

Tesla Rival Sets Out to Banish 160-Year-Old Lead Tech From Cars

Your sleek new Tesla Model S or electronic BMW has a distinctly 19th-century feature that you may not be aware of, among its batteries. A company in Estonia wants to change that. Skeleton Technologies Group OU is working on supercapacitors, light-weight and long-life components that can distribute intensive bursts of power. These may help…

Sometimes people think that lead is a problem of the past because it relates to internal combustion engines but in practice, all electric vehicles have 12-volt lead-acid batteries. We are working on a viable alternative to replace all lead-acid batteries.

Skeleton Chief Executive Officer Taavi Madiberk

Tech and energy are teaming up, creating a market that could grow 500% in the next 5 years

As the energy industry faces a time of reckoning — pressured by consistently low oil prices, high operating costs and a growing sustainable investing movement — oil and gas companies are increasingly turning to Silicon Valley for help streamlining operations and boosting efficiencies. By some estimates, the addressable market for digital oil and…

The digital age is finally dawning for Oil & Gas … We see a market poised to erupt over the next five years. The last 12 months has seen a dramatic shift in adoption, with numerous announcements of cloud and digital-platform partnerships that we think are just early signs of things to come.


USA Braces For Tsunami Of Microgrids As Defense Dept. Wades In — CleanTechnica Interview

The US Department of Defense has been exploring new microgrid technology for at least the past 10 years or so, and the massive agency is finally tired of pussyfooting around. Last week it decided on a step that could bring microgrids — presumably with a good dose of renewable energy — to scores of DoD facilities around the country. The ripple effect…

The Department of Defense has done a lot of things piecemeal, so the idea is to find technologies that can be scaled. We want to standardize data inputs and assumptions before we design a microgrid, and if we standardize the planning process we can cut down on soft costs.

Lauren Khair, NRECA’s Senior Analyst for Economics and Business

Family Farms Try to Raise a New Cash Cow: Solar Power

The Kominek family farm is a green expanse of hay and alfalfa in northern Colorado. The family has planted and raked crops for half a century, but as yields declined over recent years, the farm began losing money. In late 2017, Byron Kominek went looking for more profitable alternatives, including installing solar panels and selling…

Now there will be potentially more food grown in the community, more renewable energy, and more revenue to local farms.

Byron Kominek

Blockchain Can Prevent Monopolistic Structures in the Energy Industry

The energy market is dominated by big energy companies that pretty much dictate the prices and the conditions for the end consumer. Because of the importance of fuels and most importantly oil to the whole industrial sector, some companies possess immense power and even influence the political decisions that directly affect them by lobbying…

One idea, two cool things: desalinated water and renewable energy

The contraption, reminiscent of Rube Goldberg, would produce two of Southern California’s most precious and essential resources: water and electricity. The electricity would be renewable. And the drought-proof, desalinated ocean water could prove more environmentally friendly — and cheaper — than the water produced from three other…

Somebody looked at a problem differently than anybody has in the past. It’s really creative and got us excited about it. … It could become a primary source of water for south Orange County.

District General Manager Dan Ferons

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