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The Solar Sector Is Suffering From Coronavirus Contagion

While analysts and international agencies are already assessing the fallout from the coronavirus outbreak on global oil demand, the damage to the energy industry is extending well beyond oil. Promising fast-growing green energy technologies and sectors are also suffering because the outbreak is disrupting China’s industrial activity and…

If the production interruption in mainland China lasts longer than one month, factories in south-east Asia and the US will start to see supply shortages that will reduce their production output.

Xiaojing Sun, an Wood Mackenzie senior analyst

New microgrids are helping Australia get power back after the fires

In the wake of Australia’s bushfires—which have burned an area larger than the state of Maine over the past five months and destroyed thousands of homes—many rural areas in the country still don’t have power from the grid. It could be weeks or even months before it’s restored. Recent storms and flooding have made things worse. Now, a new project…

In three weeks we’ve come together, found the technology, adapted it, put it on trucks, and right now it’s operating, generating electricity.

Mike Cannon-Brookes, the cofounder of the Australia-based tech company Atlassian

The U.S. Is Very Worried About Bitcoin—And It’s Finally Doing Something About It

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, decentralization, China’s digital yuan, Facebook’s libra—the U.S. is understandably worried about the dominance of the almighty dollar. Last year, U.S. president Donald Trump slammed bitcoin as based on “thin air,” while his Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin branded bitcoin a “national…

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts predict that either a global cryptocurrency or a national digital currency could undermine the U.S. dollar.

the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Rocky Mountain Power, a Warren Buffett-owned utility, is again seeking to kill off residential solar power

Utah’s Rocky Mountain Power, a publicly managed monopoly electricity provider, has proposed a new rate for net-metered solar electricity that will effectively destroy the value of the program. The Warren Buffett-owned utility, in a docket filed with the state’s public service commission, has proposed that net-metered solar electricity is worth between…

Scaling up sustainable finance in Asia

How involved should central banks and regulatory authorities be in the climate debate? It is a question that has received increasing amounts of attention over the past few months. The South East Asian Central Banks Centre, during the second quarter of 2019, surveyed its members to understand their views and issues on climate and the…

Can The U.S. Compete With China In The Energy Storage Race?

Last year Oilprice reported that the energy storage industry was about to explode in China. We wrote that “China is set to become the single biggest energy storage market in the Asia Pacific region by 2024,” citing a Wood Mackenzie report that said China was in the midst of a global energy storage market takeover with “cumulative energy storage capacity…

Thanks to a wave of investment, solar farms across the US are increasingly being built with industrial-scale battery packs on-site so that noontime surpluses can be stored for release in the evening hours when people come home to switch on lights, appliances, and air conditioners.

Financial Times

New materials could improve energy storage technologies

Researchers have found a new way to improve energy storage, which could be used to expand the technology of fast-charging electricity. Traditional batteries store a relatively large volume of energy but take a long time to charge and can only tolerate a certain amount of charging before losing performance. Supercapacitors, a related…

Current technologies are limited by either having large energy storage or fast charging.

Co-author of the study Prof Alexei Kornyshev, from the department of chemistry at Imperial

Could water solve the renewable energy storage challenge?

Seasonal pumped hydropower storage (SPHS), an already established yet infrequently used technology, could be an affordable and sustainable solution to store energy and water on an annual scale, according to new IIASA research published in the journal Nature Communications. Compared with other mature storage solutions, such as natural gas, the…

Short-term energy storage solutions with batteries are underway to resolve intermittency issues, however, the alternative for long-term energy storage that is usually considered to resolve seasonal variations in electricity generation is hydrogen, which is not yet economically competitive

IIASA postdoc Julian Hunt, the study lead author

Microgrid management technology hard at work in Onslow

PXiSE says its microgrid controller technology is successfully managing the output of a solar farm and a grid-scale battery in coordination with a gas power station in the coastal town of Onslow. It now readies for the next stages of deployment of its software solution across Horizon Power’s network. The Onslow microgrid project delivered by the Western…

The microgrid management technology is an amazing piece of technology that is new to this State and allows for the careful management of the various energy sources in the town.

CEO Stephanie Unwin

Chinese manufacturers popular at global solar expo in Kenya

Chinese solar product manufacturers were the main attraction for consumers at the 2020 global off-grid solar forum and expo that opened at Kenyan capital Nairobi on Tuesday. Visitors thronged the Chinese exhibition stalls to find out the latest innovations in solar product technology for heating and lighting needs. The three-day event brought…

We aim to ensure that all individuals can benefit from electronic products even if they live in rural areas.

Lidya Melessaw, sales manager for Shenzhen Lemi Technologies development

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