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Revolutionary low carbon smart energy grid to combat fuel poverty and power homes, businesses and electric vehicles

Consumers and businesses based in UK cities stand to benefit from a revolutionary low carbon smart energy grid called GreenSCIES (Green Smart Community Integrated Energy System), being launched today (13 February) in London and the West Midlands, by project partners: LSBU, Islington Council and Transport for London (TfL)…

People often assume that universities only work with large corporations, but GreenSCIES demonstrates how, at London South Bank University we have been able to bring together over a dozen small business enterprises to deliver a project with international potential.

Asa Barber, LSBU’s Dean of Engineering

Yotta Energy is putting batteries under solar modules — in the same spirit as microinverters and optimizers

Yotta Energy has designed a one-kilowatt-hour battery that mounts underneath a roof-mounted, environmentally-exposed solar module. Ten years ago, the idea of putting a microinverter or optimizer behind a rooftop solar panel was a bit of a reliability stretch. Today, module-level panel electronics warrants its own acronym and enjoys an 80%…

Many solar developers get requests for storage, but settle for just doing solar now out of inexperience or availability. We see that shifting. Soon it will be automatic to deploy storage.

Yotta Energy

New clean energy push could kill off Kenyan oil and coal dreams

The African Union last week received a somewhat strange petition. Several lobbies from Kenya and the region wanted the regional body to look into ways to immediately stop the use of coal while exploring how to phase out the use of oil and gas over the next three decades. What is strange about the lobbies’ request is that on the face of it, it would appear…

African countries investing in fossil fuels risk creating stranded assets and an unmanaged and disorderly transition from fossil fuels. We can either intentionally develop new ways to meet our energy needs without increasing our emissions or altogether lose the window of opportunity to ensure a safe climate and a sustainable future.

Mohamed Adow, director of climate and energy think tank Power Shift Africa

U.S. Survey Results Indicate 75 Percent of Organizations Plan to Increase Energy Efficiency and Smart Building Investments

Johnson Controls released the U.S. results of its 2019 Global Energy Efficiency Indicator survey. The study found that 75 percent of surveyed organizations plan to increase their investment in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and smart building technology, a 16 percent increase over 2018. The research suggests that sustainability is a key contributor…

Investment in smart and sustainable building technologies not only addresses urgent climate challenges but also improves comfort, health, safety, and affordability for building occupants and communities.

Clay Nesler, vice president of global sustainability and regulatory affairs

AI delivers a battery boost to electric vehicles, slashing testing times 98%

When it comes to advancements in electric vehicles (EVs), nothing is as fundamental as improving battery life, which determines everything from how far you can drive to how long the car will last. On Tuesday, battery testing for EVs surged forward, thanks to the work of a Stanford-led research team––which used AI to cut testing times by nearly…

The Teslas, the Toyotas, the Volkswagens can make investments in this space and potentially use this technology to come up with better solutions.

Ermon, a professor of computer science at Stanford

Daintree solar to hydrogen microgrid closing on reality

In May 2019, a federal government grant of $990,150 backed Daintree Renewable Energy Pty Ltd toward a feasibility study that would take the fully renewable solar baseload-power microgrid to ‘shovel ready’ status within 12 months. If what Federal MP Warren Entsch has said is true, construction on the project should be underway in a matter…

Once the concept is demonstrated and up-and-running it will have enormous potential to improve the power supply and lives of people living in remote communities including throughout the Torres Strait.

Volt Advisory Group project manager Richard Schoenemann

The futurology of solar power: robots, hackers, 5G, cheaper modules, repowering, and really cheap electricity

Module efficiencies will continue to increase, while the price of an individual module will stay the same. Not only will this hardware produce more power, it’ll work far longer — with predictions of 30-year module warranties, roughly the projected lifetime of gas assets. Analysts from Wood Mackenzie Renewables and Power, Xiaojing Sun, Molly B…

Intelligent system design, using software powered by data analytics coupled with real-time performance monitoring, will ensure solar systems are designed and operated to maximize energy generation and financial performance.

How Battery Storage Maximizes Renewable Energy Investment

Incorporating renewable energy into commercial properties provides numerous advantages to owners. Year after year, a growing number of property owners have incorporated solar energy at assets of all types—from office parks and multifamily buildings to healthcare facilities and universities. Investing in solar helps increase cash flow by…

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