Interview with J.D. Salbego, Legion Ventures

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I had the privilege to listen and shake hands with J.D. Salbego while attending the Next Block Asia 2.0 conference in Bangkok back in December 2019. He held a very influential speech, and that inspired us to pursue some additional information about him and his thoughts regarding the tech and the current landscape.

J.D. is CEO of Legion Ventures, a blockchain, STO, & tokenized market management consulting firm. He is an internationally-recognized subject matter expert in digital assets & securities, blockchain, & capital markets as well as a crypto asset influencer, international speaker, and published author. Enjoy the read!

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you became such a great speaker? How did Legion Ventures get started?

J.D. Salbego, CEO, Legion Ventures

I’ve always enjoyed educating and helping others since I can remember. I also love entertainment, as I came out of the music and entertainment industry in Hollywood starting at age 17, working with global A-list celebrities, many whom I’m still friends with and have done deals with in blockchain. I also executive produced shows and content with NBC, YouTube, Shazam, etc. I then got into entertainment tech, digital innovation and content, startup advise working with Google’s Startup Grind, finance structuring, investor relations, and fundraising for startups, as well as entertainment tech, movies, and digital content.

Legion Ventures got started as I saw a need in the market to address company’s pain points with blockchain and payments implementation, launch and go-to-market, fundraising, and overall guidance in an industry this innovative, complicated and new.

Could you tell us about your business model? Who are your customers?

My company focuses on crypto. Legion Ventures is a leading global management consulting firm that provides FinTech, digital investment banking, blockchain & payments innovation, STO, and tokenized market advisory services. My customers are industry-leading startups, crypto funds, institutions, and governments that want to implement blockchain innovation, launch STOs or IEOs, need investment banking (both crypto & digital securities) for primary markets, international and Asia expansion, digital asset fund strategy, and go-to-market frameworks.

When did you first hear about blockchain technology and when did you understand it was going to change things radically?

I first read Satoshi’s whitepaper in 2011, and it absolutely blew me away! BUT, I didn’t officially start working in blockchain for another few years as my current career was in full gear. I just studied everything I could get my hands on, went to a lot of conferences to network and learn more. So when I officially “fell down the rabbit hole” as they say, I was already well experienced, knowledgeable, and had a huge network of some of the most significant leaders in the industry.

What do you think about the cryptocurrency market in general?

I think it’s incredible, and I’m grateful to be a part of something this huge and being a leader in the 3rd evolutionary stage of innovation.

When are blockchain and DLT going to become as mainstream as the internet and TCP/IP?

I believe we’re in the “Netscape” phase right now, so about another 5-10 years.

Where do you think AI and machine learning can be best used in the Blockchain world?

I think it’s about harnessing all the immutable data that’s distributed across the ledgers. Data has the most monetary value – as it can continue to be organized, siphoned, packaged and sold, repackaged, and resold…like intellectual property.

Fiat currencies are the world’s predominant form of currency – they are controlled by a national authority and are backed by nothing but faith in that authority. This has proved to be a huge mistake a number of times throughout the march of history. The incidence of Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe is a classic example.

J.D. Salbego

What’s your take on the current banking and monetary system?

Don’t even get me started on this subject! It’s why I got into Blockchain in the first place! You can read one of my articles on my official site and blog and learn how I really feel about this! –

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