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FOREST INK: Using salts to capture and store solar thermal energy

There are a number of ways to store solar energy. For example: underground water reservoirs, boreholes in the earth, or concrete mass in buildings as well as a variety of salts. In California, solar thermal energy is collected through the day and stored so that electricity can be produced during the period of peak demand (after sunset) which has usually…

Industry Outlook: 5 White-hot Opportunities In The Environmental Sustainability Space

As businesses continue to interface with the environment at scale, it is becoming clear that they have a big role to play when it comes to environmental sustainability. Some companies have viewed that role as a burden while others have embraced their responsibility as a core part of their business model. Because of this dynamic, certain companies…

Williams Developing 1,000 kWh Battery For World’s Largest Hydrogen Fuel Cell Mine Truck

Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) has teamed up with global mining company Anglo American to develop the world’s largest hydrogen-powered mine truck. This is probably one of the most unusual and challenging ventures for the technology and engineering services business of the Williams Group. WAE will develop the world’s first…

We are delighted to be involved in this innovative and exciting project which showcases the scalability of battery technology from automotive and motorsport to “heavy-duty” industrial applications.

Craig Wilson, managing director of Williams Advanced Engineering

Challenges Facing the Blockchain Adoption that Needs Technological Enhancements

Currently, the latest buzzword in the finance and technology field is “Blockchain”. Several organizations are into developing their specific blockchain-related applications to run on them. In various industrial sectors, a great number of different chains are developed by organizations meeting different models. These subdue the need for distributed…

 Even though there are few reservations that blockchain technology will play a very important role in the private and public sectors, its future still looks unclear.

Scott Cook, crypto news writer

The Next Renewable Energy Source Could Be Rain

The quest for the next source of renewable energy is well underway, with no natural phenomenon overlooked. We have already harnessed the power of flowing water, wind, and sunlight, and the search for the next clean source of energy is far from over. The latest potential breakthrough in renewable energy comes in the form of rain…

Estimating The Carbon Footprint Of Utility-Scale Battery Storage

Since the turn of the century, there has been a global explosion in the production of renewable power. According to the 2018 BP Statistical Review of World Energy, global renewable energy production in 2000 was 218 Terawatt-hours (TWh). By 2018, that number had reached 2,480 TWh, with average annual growth over the past decade averaging…

Recycling has become something that most countries consider necessary for the continued adoption of lithium-ion batteries today and into the future.

Sohn: What’s new under the sun? Energy, climate change and NASCAR

There are good news and bad news about climate change and our adaptations to it. First, the bad news: The temperature in Antarctica soared last week to nearly 70 degrees, appearing to topple another continental record set there just a few days earlier. The Capitol Weather Gang and The Washington Post reported that a weather research…

That’s in the land of ice, folks, on our planet’s coldest continent.

Who pays for grid upgrades when big solar developers force out the little guy?

In January 2020, Oregon public media told a story about Scott Zollinger, a homeowner who wanted to install solar panels to offset some of his family’s electricity use. He found a contractor and had even made the first payment on the system when he received a letter from the utility company denying his request to connect to the grid…

It seems clear that “the grid of the future” is coming whether we choose it or not, and without smart policy-making that anticipates the needs of all citizens, we could end up with a provincial nightmare rather than a renewable dream.

Ben Zientara

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