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Hi! Here is your dose of useful links and articles related to renewable energy and technology. Have a nice weekend!

100 Commercial Solar Projects Completed By Safari Energy With Self-Storage Company

Safari Energy recently announced it has completed 100 commercial solar projects in 13 states with the very large self-storage company Extra Space Storage. A 531 kW system is the largest of the 100; its location is Central Valley, NY. In 2018, the two companies collaborated to install 6.7 MW of solar power systems at 58 Extra Space Storage properties…

The solar projects that Safari Energy developed for Extra Space offset more than 80% of each site’s energy use, with approximately 20 sites offsetting more than 95% of their energy use.

These luxury prefabs are going fully off-grid

High-end prefab home builder Dvele just got a little more high-tech—and eco-conscious. The San Diego-based company, which is known for its luxury prefab designs, announced this week that it would start exclusively building fully self-powered homes going forward. Since its founding in 2017, Dvele has branded itself as a sustainable option in…

Russia Leads Multinational Stablecoin Initiative

Russian President Vladimir Putin is the most influential person in the blockchain industry, according to Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of major cryptocurrency exchange Binance, which added five trading pairs: Binance Coin (BNB), Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and XRP at the beginning of December, as well as adding Tether (USDT) later the same month against…

Sunseap raises $100 million in Series D funding

Sunseap Group Pte Ltd (Sunseap), Singapore’s leading provider of renewable energy solutions, continues to attract strong investor following. It said today that it has raised S$100 million in its fourth round of fund-raising from Banpu, a listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, as part of its commitment towards sustainability…

The additional investment by Banpu is another vote of confidence for Sunseap’s sustainable business model and our smart city technologies. Their commitment will help position us as the leader in smart city and sustainable clean energy solutions to a wider customer base and help fight climate change.

Sunseap’s President and Executive Director, Mr Lawrence Wu

The Carmaker Putting Solar Panels on Its Electric Vehicles

A German startup aims to sell a self-charging electric car covered in solar panels from 2022 after raising nearly $60 million in a recent 50-day crowdfunding campaign. Munich-based Sono Motors expects its €25,500 ($27,600) electric car, the Sion, to benefit from a range extension of as much as 20 miles per day in Germany, depending on the season and…

The Sion will include bidirectional charging technology so it can be used as a mobile energy storage device, and will also feature a novel moss-based dashboard air purifying system. But the most innovative feature is the presence of 248 solar cells spread across the outside of the car.

Which Power Systems Boost City Resilience — and for How Long?

Which power systems boost city resilience during power outages — and for how long? Answering that question is one of the objectives of a report from American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), Community Resilience Planning and Clean Energy Initiatives. The report rates 66 cities based on their resilience efforts, including investments…

In response, cities are actively planning to improve energy efficiency and promote renewable energy to make their neighborhoods more resilient in the face of climate change as well as other shocks and stresses.

Shuli Goodman, Executive Director of LF Energy

South Africa seeks more renewable energy amid power cuts

South Africa’s president said Thursday the coal-dependent country will turn to more renewable energy as one way to help ease power cuts that have “severely set back” efforts to rebuild the weak economy. But he warned of more blackouts in the immediate future. South Africans have been outraged by rolling power cuts in the current mid-summer that also…

We undertake this decisive shift in our energy trajectory at a time when humankind faces its greatest existential threat in the form of climate change.

President Cyril Ramaphosa

Want Unlimited Clean Energy? Just Drill the World’s Hottest Well

There’s treasure buried deep beneath the viridescent foothills of Tuscany’s Apennine Mountains, where the stark metal trusses of the Venelle-2 drilling tower mark its location like an X on a map. This geothermal well reaches nearly two miles beneath the surface to a region where temperatures and pressures are so high that rock begins to…

Geothermal suffers from a bit of a marketing problem. Even though it has a lot of beneficial characteristics, when people say ‘renewable energy’ they’re usually referring to wind and solar.

Jeffrey Bielicki, leader of the Energy Sustainability Research Laboratory at Ohio State University

ASEAN’s future power source

The gears of industry would not turn if not for power. In the modern world, we have come to depend on electricity generated from traditional fossil fuel resources like coal. However, amid a global awareness of the dangers of fossil fuels to our environment, we have since embarked on a paradigm shift towards renewable energy…

The Outlook provides us with a pathway to address our long-term goals of achieving energy security, accessibility and affordability within the framework of sustainable development, as guided by our policy document, the ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation (APAEC) 2016-2025.

Philippine Secretary of Energy, Alfonso G. Cusi

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