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Watch these four clean energy trends in U.S. cities

At the start of this new decade, American cities, states, and businesses already have come a long way on the road to cutting greenhouse gas emissions to help tackle the climate crisis. This puts these subnational U.S. actors on pace to reduce emissions 25 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. To make the transition to more sustainable energy, city…

To increase access to renewable energy, the next decade will require greater partnership across sectors and more emphasis on system-level change. In many cases, cities will be the ones to help us get there.

Lacey Shaver

Siemens to test Germany’s largest green ‘power outlet’ for ships

The largest shore power system in Germany that will supply green electricity to two ships simultaneously at the Port of Kiel for the first time is to be tested later this year. Siemens is developing the Siharbor solution that will provide “certified eco power” to the ships, which is expected to help reduce carbon emissions by more than 8,000 tons a year…

Gadget, power thyself

I have no scientific basis for this statement, but I’d be willing to wager one of the first things readers of this newsletter do when they find themselves in any sort of temporary lodging or work location or travel lounge is hunt for a place to plug in. In the not-so-distant future, new forms of energy harvesting and in situ renewable power generation could…

Decentralized renewable energy technologies have emerged as a viable solution.

Hanna Daly, Energy Modeller from the IEA

Here’s How Energy Storage Kills Coal, One Factory At A Time

When recently impeached US President* Donald Trump tapped an auto industry lobbyist to lead the US Department of Energy last fall, eyes rolled back into heads. Well, it looks like the wrong eyes rolled. Despite the Commander-in-Chief’s oft-repeated promise to save coal jobs, coal power plants are still closing and the latest energy storage news…

Today’s IEA report on global emissions is proof positive that innovation and technology are the solutions to the world’s climate challenges. While emissions in other regions rose, global emissions flattened and were offset by reductions in the United States and other nations that have successfully deployed carbon capture, renewable energy, natural gas, and nuclear power…

Chinese Blockchain Is Booming, But Can The Industry Survive Government Support?

Much like its anti-corruption campaign, China’s crypto crackdown is relentless. Beijing views decentralized digital currency as a conduit for money laundering and capital flight. In contrast, Beijing sees crypto’s underlying blockchain technology as useful. Blockchain can help China boost its tech prowess, improve supply-chain integrity, and…

Knowledge of distributed ledger technology among China’s local governments is limited. Given the hype around the technology, there is a definite risk that state funds intended to support blockchain projects will not be optimized.

Mystery Surrounds $644 Million Hydrogen-Powered Superyacht

There has been much fanfare in the media these last few days over a report that Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates commissioned a hydrogen-powered $644 million superyacht from Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design – the vessel itself nicknamed “The AQUA.” According to design specifications released by the manufacturer, the 367-foot vessel would…

Solar powered portable cold storage, grid monitoring system among winners of Social Alpha Energy Challenge 2.0

Technologies for solar-powered portable cold storage, smart metering, analytics for decentralized grids, energy storage and EV based solutions made it to the winners list of the Social Alpha Energy Challenge 2.0. The winners were selected from more than 150 applicants across the country, which were screened for their unique technology and…

We already have eight cleantech companies in our portfolio that have demonstrated the potential to collectively reduce more than 90 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year by 2030.

Manoj Kumar, Founder and CEO, Social Alpha and Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Tata Trusts

Electric Vehicle Sales In China In Free Fall

The electric car revolution is coming to Europe in a big way. EV sales in Italy are up more than 500% over last year. In France, they are up four times compared to last year. That’s wonderful news for EV fans, but France and Italy are not where the action is when it comes to sales of electric cars. China is the country everyone has their eye on…

Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Association launched

Aiming to become the leading organization for the hydrogen industry in the Asia Pacific region, the Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Association (APAC Hydrogen Association) has been officially launched today. Formed by several industry executives from the renewable energy sector in Asia, the Singapore-based association will coordinate international policy…

Our mission is to establish and promote the use of hydrogen in the regional economies power as a solution to the region’s rapidly growing energy demand and environmental challenges, providing meaningful benefits to the region as a whole.

Edgare Kerkwijk, one of the founders of the association

Thailand’s Path to Green and Clean – part 3

One of the main features of the current power generation system in Thailand is that the electricity cannot be stored but must be distributed directly to users or consumers through a transmission and distribution system. Therefore, electricity generation needs to be brought under national planning through Power Development Plan (PDP), which…

This policy will help mitigate global warming, which is mainly driven by energy production and consumption.

Minister of Energy Siri Jirapongphan

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