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Envision Digital to develop first AIoT smart grid for PTT in Thailand

The contract involves developing an AIoT smart grid at Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC), powered by Envision Digital’s AIoT operating system, EnOSTM. By integrating floating solar panels, rooftop solar panels, energy storage systems, and electric charging stations in the campus with Envision’s EnlightTM…

We are pleased to announce this important project with PTT. The application of AIoT smart grid technology offers huge potential for PTT and other major infrastructure operators, communities and companies across Thailand in promoting energy efficiency and transition.

Sylvie Ouziel, international president, Envision Digital International

‘Tomorrow’s oil’: Germany seeks hydrogen export deal with West African states

Germany plans to set up a production and import chain for renewable hydrogen in a joint project with Western African countries, news agency Reuters reports. “Green hydrogen is tomorrow’s oil and offers huge opportunities,” research minister Anja Karliczek said after a meeting with her colleague from Niger, Yahouza Sadissou. Germany wants to…

Student creates documentary investigating electric vehicles

In 2014, Tesla’s new addition of autopilot hardware piqued Ryan Hunter-Bliss’s curiosity. Years later, still drawn by Tesla’s thrilling performance and features, he started researching for a new car. Since it was a big purchase, he wanted to make sure going electric was the move for him. Through rigorous research, it manifested something special…

Tesla groups are forming and they’re really tight. If you’re driving your Tesla in an area that doesn’t have a supercharger you can just pull up to anybody’s house that has a charger outside.

Hunter-Bliss, sophomore computer science major

BASF partners with ‘metal-free’ flow battery startup JenaBatteries

Multinational chemicals company BASF has furthered its interest in the energy storage industry, partnering on the development of ‘metal-free’ flow battery electrolytes with German startup JenaBatteries. BASF announced the partnership towards the end of last week. JenaBatteries’ website claims the startup has made available a scalable…

JenaBatteries is a start-up that supports the use of renewable energies with its solutions and therefore fits perfectly with our sustainability strategy. For BASF, the cooperation offers a new, attractive and future-oriented field of application for our amine chemistry.

Dr Oliver Cullmann, VP at the Special Amines Europe unit of BASF’s Intermediates division

Nikola Badger: The 906-HP Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Pickup Puts Tesla and Rivian In Its Crosshairs

The electrified pickup-truck space technically doesn’t even exist yet, and already it’s passed up niche status for full-on, high-stakes warzone billing. Companies like Tesla, Rivian, Bollinger, and Hummer have all promised to bring out new trucks imminently—although none are for sale yet—and now they’re joined by a new would-be, not-yet-real…

Gabon: eight hybrid solar power plants for isolated communities

Ausar Energy, a subsidiary of ENGIE, has signed a 15-year lease-purchase agreement for the construction and operation of hybrid solar power plants, which will eventually supply nearly 1,600 homes and save 2,600 tons of COper year. ENGIE Africa and its subsidiary AUSAR Energy are launching the construction of 8 hybrid solar power…

Australia’s Blockchain Roadmap Isn’t Music to Everyone’s Ears, Draws Criticism

So far, 2020 has been a year of cryptocurrency regulation: The European Union, the United Kingdom, and Singapore have officially introduced their approaches to the burgeoning industry. Now, Australia has published its national roadmap, hoping to become a global blockchain leader. Last Friday, Australia’s Department of Industry…

The Australian Government actually encouraged the use of cryptocurrency by removing GST when cryptocurrency was purchased. As the Roadmap shows, it isn’t unduly concerned that Australian businesses are accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

 Alex Sims, an associate professor at the University of Auckland Business School and research fellow at the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies

Feature – Sustainable Facilities Management

Sustainability has become a serious factor and a necessity for a number of companies hiring facilities management professionals for leading, implementing, educating and enabling sustainable practice within their business. Sustainability in facilities management is about making smart decisions that will reduce business’s negative impact…

Interview with Doug Hall & Juliette DO, SIOUX Utilities

SIOUX actually stands for “Solar Investor-Owned Utility Xystems”, and it aims to be the world’s first 100% off-grid nano utility offering clean power, drinking water and wifi services in rural areas, starting in Myanmar. The trend to move from a centralized energy generation to distributed energy resources (DER) is a global trend. Rather than…

We like to say that SIOUX Power begins where government services end.

The U.S. power grid desperately needs upgrades to handle climate change

Derek Krause likes to be prepared. The 59-year-old retired fire chief used to teach courses on how to be self-sufficient in the wake of a natural disaster. So last October, when he and his wife arrived home to find their Oakland, Calif., neighborhood blacked out, Krause was ready with solar panels and battery backup. Most people weren’t so…

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