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Tangle EE project joins Eclipse Foundation to bring distributed ledger apps to enterprise

As the number of IoT devices proliferate, and machines conduct transactions with machines without humans involved, it becomes increasingly necessary to have a permissionless system that facilitates this kind of communication in a secure way. Enter the IOTA Foundation, a Berlin-based open-source distributed ledger technology…

We provide a protocol layer that enables both humans and machines to bulk transact value without fees, as well as ensure data integrity, which is, of course, increasingly important in the age of Internet of Things, where hundreds of billions of devices are being connected over the next decades.

Dominik Schiener, co-founder of IOTA Foundation

Microgrids Go Mobile

Last year was a record-setting year for numbers and lengths of power outages. In California, there were a great deal of wildfires and extreme weather conditions that increased fire dangers. As a result, there were record numbers of long duration public safety power shutoffs (PSPS), which were not well received by electricity consumers…

A microgrid can connect and disconnect from the grid to enable it to operate in both grid-connected or island mode.


Asia’s Rising Scientists: Aristotle Ubando

Professor Aristotle Ubando of the De La Salle University may optimize industrial processes for a living, but it’s not always about the process—at least in research, he says. While Ubando obviously enjoys the research process, his love for research primarily stems from the myriad of benefits it contributes to the world. In his home country of the…

I am most proud of a project that enhanced the algae industry in the Philippines through the optimization and integration of various processes like cultivation, harvesting, drying, and biofuel production.

Professor Aristotle Ubando of the De La Salle University

The Reality of Virtual Power Plants

As grid-based technologies go, distributed energy resources (DER) have come a long way in a relatively short period of time, and it appears the pace is speeding up. New devices, software, and applications are evolving constantly, which only increases our chore of keeping up with all the developments. So it really pays to keep your eyes and ears…

The proliferation of DER will be among the most disruptive trends to the traditional energy industry over the next decade.

Navigant Research report

Hyundai taps EV startup Canoo to develop electric vehicles

Hyundai Motor Group said it will jointly develop an electric vehicle platform with Los Angeles-based startup Canoo, the latest startup tapped by the automaker as part of an $87 billion push to invest in electrification and other future technologies. The electric vehicle platform will be based on Canoo’s proprietary skateboard design, according to the…

We were highly impressed by the speed and efficiency in which Canoo developed their innovative EV architecture, making them the perfect engineering partner for us as we transition to become a frontrunner in the future mobility industry.

Albert Biermann, head of R&D at Hyundai Motor Group

DOE’s Oak Ridge lab licenses technology to startup Sparkz to reduce cobalt in lithium-ion batteries

Sparkz, launched in 2019, is described by founder Sanjiv Malhotra as “a stealth-mode company developing electrochemical energy storage technology.” Malhotra was previously director of the Energy Investor Center at the DOE. The company hopes to scale the technologies it is licensing from ORNL in an R&D and prototyping facility at a…

Moving forward to an electrified world with millions of electric cars, cobalt is not sustainable.

Ilias Belharouak, a group leader in ORNL’s Energy and Transportation Science Division

EGEB: Each of these Oregon homes will feature solar off-grid microgrids

The 140,000-acre Silvies Valley Ranch, formerly a dude ranch outside of Burns, Oregon, is an eco-friendly ranch and luxury resort. Visitors and homeowners don’t use ICE vehicles. Instead, they’re given electric golf carts to drive. The development also uses a greywater system, sustainable materials, and a native plant landscape. Silvies Valley Ranch…

You can get more benefit from the homeowners’ solar panels by keeping them turned on, creating a family home microgrid. Panels charge the energy storage system for when they need it most.

Eric Lobdell, VP of business development for Humless

What makes Blockchain an Effective Energy Trading Platform?

Electric cars are the future of transportation. Large countries such as India are planning to electrify all vehicles by 2032, while China wants 20 percent of its 35 million vehicle sales to be electric cars by 2025. The UK and Scotland have pledged to ban the sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040 and 2032 respectively. This indicates that…

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