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Eigg, how the small Scottish island achieved renewable energy self-sufficiency

The island of Eigg, located 20 kilometers from the Scottish mainland, has achieved a milestone in sustainable development: complete self-sufficiency based on renewable energy. It no longer gets energy from the mainland but has replaced this with three main renewable sources, the wind, water, and sun. Despite the local population having risen…

This system has been unanimously accepted by all residents, despite everybody having to reduce energy consumption.

DLT Goes Viral as Live Coronavirus Tracking Spreads to the Blockchain

Blockchain-enabled applications developer Acoer has created a data visualization tool to track the deadly coronavirus. The tool, known as the HashLog data visualization engine, interacts in real-time with Hedera Hashgraph’s distributed ledger technology. This allows researchers, scientists, and journalists to understand the…

German solar startup helps Sub-Saharan Africa leapfrog toward clean energy

Europe’s plan to be carbon neutral by 2050 is a mammoth project. It involves re-thinking everything from the coal-black power plants over network grids to inefficient consumption. Throw in a looming global climate crisis as well as jobs and incomes connected to a billion-euro industry, and it is clear that all sides will prepare for a long…

Decentralized renewable energy technologies have emerged as a viable solution.

Hanna Daly, Energy Modeller from the IEA

Slime: How Algae Created Us, Plague Us, And Just Might Save Us

A much-needed and hopeful exploration of algae, which is increasingly found in our food, clothing and household products, its overall importance to the environment and the possibility algae could help mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis. They live in your bathroom, inhabit your aquariums, create coastal dead zones by thriving on…

The best battery for grid level energy storage

A new paper published by researchers at China’s Tianjin University examines the state of the art in grid-level energy storage, outlining the pros and cons of various battery technologies being deployed on grids around the world, and remaining challenges that could be overcome if research is pushed in the right direction…

Battery energy storage technologies with rapid response, low cost, long lifetime, high power, and energy efficiency can be distributed throughout the grid and therefore are desirable for utilization in grid-level electrical energy storage.

‘Quartierstrom’ – Field Test of Switzerland’s First Local Electricity Market Successfully Completed

For one year, 37 households in Walenstadt have sold solar power in a local blockchain-based electricity market. The participants involved in this pioneering project, the first of its kind in the world, were very positive about their experience. As expected, the system led to a substantial increase in self-consumption and self-generated supply…

Quartierstrom was the first project of its kind in the world, and we did pioneering work on many different fronts. We’re especially delighted that the technology operated effectively – apart from the usual teething troubles.

Verena Tiefenbeck, leader of the Bits to Energy Lab at ETH Zurich

Oz blockchain outfit trials tech in Italy

Australian energy technology company Power Ledger has secured a contract with Italian renewable energy supplier Alperia, having won a start-up innovation award. Power Ledger’s technology will be used to explore new services for Alperia’s commercial and residential customers, such as energy trading, origin tracking, measurement, and…

Italy has been leading the adoption of renewable energy globally and is one of eight EU members to commit to phasing out coal by 2030.

Power Ledger co-founder and executive chairman Jemma Green

Already in 2020, IBM Announces Wealth of Blockchain Products Targeted at Many Industries

In the first days of February 2020, information technology giant IBM (IBM) announced a wide array of new blockchain initiatives that it is planning as part of a wider effort to develop sophisticated distributed ledger technology. IBM has come out swinging, demonstrating dominance in the world of creating and implementing novel use cases for distributed…

This massive investment into blockchain technology stems from the very highest levels of IBM’s corporate structure.

Bitcoin Magazine

New ‘Solar Panels’ Harness The Energy Of Deep Space

Solar power is cheaper than ever, it’s ultra-abundant, and it emits zero greenhouse gases. But it’s far from perfect–for now. One of the biggest limitations of solar energy (which applies to wind power as well) is that it is variable and is not dispatchable. Variability refers to the fact that solar power is dependent on a completely unreliable factor: the weather…

To turn even low-level heat into energy, scientists have to use a thermal cell instead of a photo cell. The materials must be able to absorb the lowest wavelengths of energy.

A report from Popular Mechanics

BYD teams with Apparent to design a 2-MW solar + storage system on its manufacturing plant

Construction has begun on a 2 MW solar and 2 MWh energy storage project developed by BYD (Build Your Dreams) and Apparent, Inc. at BYD’s Lancaster Coach & Bus manufacturing plant. With this installation in place, the project will serve as a way to cut operational costs and offer a more sustainable energy solution for BYD. The site will…

This project showcases BYD’s commitment to a total green ecosystem with the ability to generate, store, and use zero-emission energy to power buildings as well as zero-emission vehicles.

BYD North America President Stella Li

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