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8minute Solar Energy: ‘Every Project’ Could Have Built-In Storage

A year out from a leadership change that saw company co-founder Tom Buttgenbach buying out founder and CEO Martin Hermann, 8minute Solar Energy has a new name, an expanding footprint in new markets and a record-breaking solar-plus-storage project under contract with Los Angeles’ municipal utility. 8minute now ranks in the top five…

This industry nowadays is so competitive from a [levelized cost of energy] perspective, the difference of 15, 20 miles, of being in one part of the California desert over the other, can have a huge influence.

Sean Kiernan, the company’s senior vice president of development

How green energy is reshaping geopolitics

Powerful nations have since the last century used oil as a potent instrument of foreign policy, given its wide application in the modern economy. From generating electricity, fuelling automobiles, aircraft and ships to petrochemical products like plastics, oil fingerprints can practically be found all over the global economy…

Arava region of Israel about to be 100% solar powered

Here’s some great climate crisis news just in time for Tu Bishvat, the Jewish people’s environmental holiday: The Arava region – from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea – is about to be powered 100% during the day by the sun. Yes, that includes Eilat, all the hotels, factories, homes, businesses, kibbutzim and air conditioning – 100%! And by 2025, the sun…

Capturing and storing CO2 will be key to the clean energy transition. Here’s why

At this year’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, we were reminded that the future must be defined by sustainable and clean economic growth, and by the opportunities, this will present to create prosperity. To achieve the targets set by the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the nexus of technology…

The first step is to cease building new sources of unabated emissions, preventing any further emissions lock-ins. At the same time, we need to retrofit existing infrastructure while creating technological capabilities to draw down carbon, such as through direct air capture.

Brad Page, CEO, Global CCS Institute

Ikea Retail U.S. shares digital focus, new energy sources in accessibility and sustainability report

Ikea Retail U.S. has released its annual report on the company’s sustainability and accessibility efforts from last year, highlighting its achievements in renewable energy, digital technology, and support of social causes and issues. The Better Life Report, part of its strategic partner and Ikea franchise operator Ingka Group’s larger Annual Summary…

One of our core values at Ikea is ‘renew and improve,’ and that is exactly what we have committed to do for our customers, co-workers and the broader society.

Javier Quiñones, president and chief sustainability officer for Ikea Retail U.S

Op-Ed: How Africa can seize the billion-dollar solar opportunity & unlock the potential of underserved communities

After many years working across the African continent, we have seen the enormity of the solar opportunity grow alongside rapid population expansion. The investment potential is currently estimated at $24bn by a report unveiled recently at the UK’s African Investment Forum. The Forum saw government representatives, investors and…

This is how we will create sustainable change, unlock the potential of underserved communities and ensure a successful socio-economic impact on the African continent.

Climate Change: Looking Towards a Blockchain-based Solution?

Climate change is arguably the defining issue of our times. Secretary-General Antònio Guterres recently labeled it the first of four biblical ‘horsemen’ that threatened our world. A UN Climate report released in 2018 stated absolutely that the global community has 12 years to correct our behavior and significantly reduce carbon emissions (to net-zero) if we…

Blockchain could contribute to greater stakeholder involvement, transparency, and engagement and help bring trust and further innovative solutions in the fight against climate change, leading to enhanced climate actions.

UNFCCC Program Officer Alexandre Gellert Paris

Vietnam Goes Big on Solar Power

Solar power is making a strong showing in Vietnam after years of shuttling from one extreme to the other, with the nation looking sometimes like it would revert to coal, and other times like it would invest in renewable energy. By the end of last year, Vietnam had surpassed Malaysia and Thailand to reach the largest installed capacity of solar…

FITs have proven to be an effective policy tool to induce rapid growth in renewables, and Vietnam’s build is another example of that. Project economics will continue to remain attractive in large parts of Vietnam.

Rishab Shrestha, a solar analyst at Wood Mackenzie

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