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Power Line: Top battery startups, and a look inside the booming hydrogen industry

After two days in Miami — where I did not get even the suggestion of a tan — I jumped into a few little-known industries that experts say are shaping the future energy economy. And seeing as it’s the last day of January, I took one last opportunity to look back at 2019…

It requires electricity, as the name would suggest, but if you use renewable power then the resulting hydrogen gas is emissions-free. Industry calls it green hydrogen.

Benji Jones/Business Insider

Green energy could now be cheaper than fossil fuels thanks to breakthrough

Australia is on fire. Antarctica’s “Doomsday Glacier” is melting. Last year was the second hottest year on record. The six hottest years in all of recorded human history? The last six. Scientists are scrambling to find ways to slow — let alone reverse — the damage caused by human pollution and fossil-fuel emissions. So here’s some moderately good news…

We can have a 45 percent cost reduction in producing the raw material. The US Department of Energy has set a target of getting [to] less than 3 cents per kilowatt-hour. This technology already proves we can definitely get there.

Santosh Swain, a researcher at the center and co-author of the study

SOUTH AFRICA: Cenfura and C4D will provide mini-grids to 6,500 communities

The Cenfura platform has recently signed an agreement with Cover 4 Development (C4D) for the deployment of solar mini-grids in communities in South Africa. This solution could help South African households cope with deficiencies in the core network of the public company Eskom. Payment for the electricity will be made via the XCF Token…

Together, Cenfura and C4D will provide the first mini-grids in South Africa’s Gauteng Province in the first quarter of 2020. These mini-grids will provide energy security for residential communities, reduce their dependence on the national electricity grid and have a positive impact on the environment.


UPS Orders 10,000 Electric Delivery Vehicles

UPS has ordered 10,000 electric delivery vehicles from electric vehicle maker Arrival, in what it calls a move to accelerate fleet electrification. Atlanta-based UPS is also making a minority investment in Arrival through its venture capital arm UPS Ventures. The Arrival vehicles will be purpose-built for UPS with advanced vehicle controls…

Electric vehicles form a cornerstone to our sustainable urban delivery strategies. Taking an active investment role in Arrival enables UPS to collaborate on the design and production of the world’s most advanced electric delivery vehicles.

Juan Perez, UPS chief information and engineering officer

Walmart Canada And DLT Labs Launch World’s Largest Industrial Blockchain Application

Walmart Canada – in collaboration with DLT Labs – has launched what they believe is the world’s largest full production blockchain solution for any industrial application. The blockchain-based freight invoice and payment reconciliation solution is now rolling out across Walmart Canada’s 60 transportation carriers with the goal…

The one thing we knew is we are definitely not experts on blockchain and if we were to go down that path, we would need a partner that was willing to co-create with us. So, I put the challenge out to the team and that led us to DLT Labs.

John Bayliss, Senior Vice President of Logistics, Walmart Canada


IBM CEO, Ginni Rometty, is stepping down after 8 years of service. She is being replaced by executive Arvind Krishna. Rometty has been a great supporter of the distributed ledger technology (DLT), but Krishna might take the company’s blockchain projects to another level. Blockchain has become one of IBM’s priorities under Rometty’s tenure, but Krishna…

What the internet did for information, blockchain will do for transactions.

Arvind Krishna

At a crossroads: The connected future of EVs, solar, energy storage and software

As a new decade dawns, there’s cause for optimism that the 2020s will see the transition to clean energy accelerate. Prices of renewable energy and battery technologies are at an all-time low, and the number of electric vehicle (EV) sales are on the rise. Analysts predict that by 2040, more than half of all vehicles on the road will be electric…

The need for partnership across industries is increasing as the EV market continues to expand and challenge a static electric grid, and — ultimately — drive the industry forward to a clean, connected future.

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