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Green power: Investors address climate change with their money

More and more, investors with a local assets management company, and elsewhere, are using their investments to seek solutions to the threat of climate change. These investors, according to Joseph Keefe, president of Impax Asset Management, are doing more for climate change and the environment with their money than the government…

There’s no doubt in my mind that the private sector and capital markets have stepped into the breach, and the private sector and capital markets are going to be, not only significant contributors to the solution, but are really going to shape the future when it comes to climate change.

Joseph Keefe, president of Impax Asset Management

FreeWord – Extreme Weather Events and Climate Change

As the global temperature continues to rise, many changes on the Earth’s climate has started to trigger. Heatwavesfloods, and droughts are the primary ways that most people encounter these changes. Not only has the frequency of extreme weather events increased, but the intensity as well. Extreme weather includes unexpected…

In recent years some extreme weather events have been attributed to human-induced global warming, with studies indicating an increasing threat from extreme weather in the future.

Battery innovation offers ‘mind-boggling’ growth opportunity as Pacific NW becomes a major player

As ribbons of smoke began curling out of the power outlets on their Joule Case battery stack, Alex Livingston and James Wagoner tried to keep their cool. The cameras were rolling. The entrepreneurs were competing on “All-American Makers,” a reality game show broadcast on the Discovery Channel, hoping to land $250,000 in venture capital…

Batteries have been interesting to us because they’re the bottleneck in the clean energy transition.

Alex Livingston

Tom Evslin: Preparing for electric vehicles

Before electric vehicles are in widespread use, we need to solve the problems of how to get electricity to them and how to pay for the roads they run on. So far these problems haven’t mattered because there are so few e-vehicles. In Vermont, we are very well-positioned to deal with both problems. Electric vehicles will replace their gas-powered…

The problem of getting people to buy electric cars will solve itself. We must start working on the problems which widespread use of e-vehicles will bring.

Tom Evslin

Global survey finds few cities have extensive plan for clean energy resiliency

Cities around the world are preparing for the challenges of the 21st century, including those related to climate change. While most include clean energy initiatives in their resilience plans, few do so extensively, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s (ACEEE’s) new global survey of 66 cities. ACEEE found that…

Cities need to step up and capitalize on clean energy’s multiple benefits by making it part of their resilience planning. Several, notably Honolulu and New York, are leading the way.

Lead author Dan York, an ACEEE local policy program fellow

Microgrids avoid fossil fuels and keep solar running in an outage

After three years of massive wildfires and Pacific Gas & Electric’s implementation of a public safety power shutoff program last year, the concept of creating more energy independence and resiliency through microgrids is picking up momentum in West Marin. First, what is a microgrid? The key distinguishing feature of a microgrid is the ability…

Finally, many private companies are now offering no-cash-down financing for microgrids. These may be particularly appealing to small public agencies unable to take advantage of tax credits for solar or batteries.

Peter Asmus, a research director for Navigant Research

Cybersecurity: Ensuring Sanity in Smart Cities

Currently, we consider ourselves lucky if we don’t get stuck in traffic while driving to the office. The struggle of even finding a parking spot for your car is real. The smart city industry is projected to reach the $400 billion mark by 2020. The urban population is increasing at an alarming rate. According to one survey, 65% of the world’s population will…

Remember, not long ago, everyone was talking about smart homes and how your smartphone can control the functioning of everything in it? Well, a smart city is like implementing the technology of smart homes in the entire city.

Praveen Mishra, Content Strategist at Resourcifi Inc

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