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SOUTH AFRICA: MTN wants to use 100% green energy to feed its grid

In South Africa, solar and wind energy are gradually gaining ground in MTN’s power supply. The country’s second largest mobile phone operator plans to increase the share of clean energy in its electricity consumption to 100%. The aim is to overcome the dictates of electricity shortages and reduce its carbon footprint. For MTN, things are clear. The guarantee…

Blockchain energy trading in microgrids a multi-billion-dollar opportunity

Blockchain applications in electricity microgrids that harness local renewable sources such as solar and wind are expected to reach an annual market value exceeding $1.2 billion globally by 2028. Navigant Research reports in a new study that the compound annual growth rate is projected at 67.8%. Europe is expected to be the largest market…

The growth of distributed renewable resources (DERs) is making local energy markets a critical part of energy delivery. Consumers are really starting to understand energy better and they are looking for better energy choice at better prices. That is exactly what we are going to give them.

LO3 Energy CEO Lawrence Orsini

Most Efficient Source of Fuel May Be Tiniest Organism

Algae often gets a bad rap — for creating dead zones in the ocean and toxic pond scum when the “wrong” algae blooms. But it also has a talent that may help people around the world. The tiny single-celled, plantlike organisms known as algae are more efficient than other organisms at converting sunlight and carbon dioxide into the raw materials needed…

People have flown airplanes on mixtures of algae fuels.

Scientist Lieve Laurens

NEOM Adopts Pioneering Solar Dome Technology for Sustainable Desalination Project

NEOM announced on Wednesday that it will adopt pioneering solar technology to produce low cost, environmentally friendly water, strengthening NEOM ‘ s reputation as an emerging hub for innovation and conservation. The company has signed an agreement with U.K.-based Solar Water Plc. to build the first ever…

We’re really excited by the prospect of bringing cutting edge water technology and fresh industry thinking to NEOM. By using solar dome desalination techniques, we can build a highly effective, efficient water utility that is both future oriented and environmentally responsible.

Gavin van Tonder , Head of Water at NEOM

Pepco to Launch Community Microgrid

Pepco has partnered with SimpliPhi Power and New Partners Community Solar to launch one of the first resiliency centers in Washington, D.C., that is powered by solar and SimpliPhi Power’s batteries, at a new justice housing development, The Maycroft. The Maycroft’s resiliency center includes a 70.2-kW rooftop solar array…

The impacts of climate change have manifested in more frequent and severe weather events, resulting in power disruptions for millions and costing the economy tens of billions of dollars each year.

SimpliPhi CEO, Catherine Von Bur

Internet of Things: Smart cities pick up the pace

Our cities are becoming more connected by the day. Around the world, cities are using the Internet of Things (IoT), fifth generation mobile networks and artificial intelligence technologies to cut traffic congestion, improve public safety and protect the environment. IoT devices monitor sewers, air quality and rubbish. Smart street lamps save energy by…

In certain geographies, video surveillance and AI-based recognition will be a foregone conclusion. In others, it will be a massive area of debate and controversy.

Rich Karpinski, research director at 451 Research, a data group

Scale Microgrid Solutions and Schneider Electric Power Indoor Farming Company Fifth Season to Deliver Reliable and Sustainable Food

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, and Scale Microgrid Solutions, a vertically integrated distributed energy and microgrid platform, today announced it will design, build and finance a microgrid for indoor farming pioneer Fifth Season. Scale Microgrid Solutions, will design, build, own…

This microgrid enables our journey to create a sustainable system that delivers healthier, fresher greens to local communities through both economic and environmental efficiencies.

Grant Vandenbussche, Chief Category Officer at Fifth Season

Blue Heart of Europe – hydropower is destroying environment for hardly any energy

Rivers are the source of life and also the livelihoods of surrounding communities. Following an almost one-year standoff in nearby Fojnica in Bosnia and Herzegovina, residents of the Kruščica village decided in 2017 to defend the river of the same name with their bodies. The resistance started when machines rolled in to build two small..

There are 244 rivers in BiH and the number of blueprints for hydropower plants tops three hundred.

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