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Tech giants power record surge in renewable energy sales

The world’s biggest tech companies fuelled a record surge in the amount of renewable energy sold directly to global corporations last year, according to new figures. The amount of clean energy from renewable energy developers bought by companies has tripled in the past two years, driven by a growing corporate appetite for sustainable energy…

The clean energy portfolios of some of the largest corporate buyers rival those of the world’s biggest utilities. These companies are facing mounting pressure from investors to decarbonise.

Kyle Harrison, the lead author of the report

Cenfura Partners with C4D to Tokenize Renewable Energy Assets in South Africa

Cenfura has entered into an agreement with C4D to tokenize microgrid assets in South Africa. The partnership will construct and operate the solar PV and battery storage-based microgrid assets in 6,500 gated communities across South Africa with potential power demand of 3,000 MW. Together Cenfura and C4D will deliver the first tokenized assets to…

We are very excited to be finally implementing these plans that we have worked extremely hard on – this is the culmination of a lot of great work from our team.

Randall Meals, Cenfura President & CEO

Thailand’s Path to Green and Clean – part 1

The Kingdom of Thailand is located in Southeast Asia. It is home to 69 million people in an area of 513,000 square kilometers adjacent to Laos in the east, Myanmar in the northwest, Malaysia, and Cambodia in the south. This makes it an important passage for the long-distance transmission of electricity. In recent decades, Thailand has made noticeable…

The New Industrial Revolution Will Be Undeniably Green

While the news about the climate crisis worsens and some national leaders, notably President Trump in the US, continue to champion the fossil fuel industry, there are still reasons to be cheerful, notably the developing green business boom of abandoning fossil fuels. Fighting climate change has become the world’s single biggest business…

Portugal is in a position to be the largest producer of green hydrogen – which will allow the country to become the biggest producer of green energy in Europe.

Portuguese minister of environment and energy transition, João Pedro Matos Fernandes

Turning cow waste into clean power on a national scale

A 1,000-pound dairy cow produces an average of 80 pounds of manure each day. Multiply that by the estimated 9 million dairy cattle in the U.S., and that’s a lot of manure. Dominion Energy, one of the nation’s largest energy producers —  headquartered in Richmond, Va. — wants to put some of that tremendous amount of livestock waste to good use by…

The projects are a powerful example of the environmental progress we can make through innovation and partnering with other industries.

Ann Nallo, who works in media relations for Dominion Energy

Driving blockchain forward: new innovations and business models to transform mobility

Disruption is a difficult word. Clients are often advised by Navigant Research, a Guidehouse company, to take the long view and consider disruption as part of a larger transformation—a constant push to evolve and adapt to a changing energy and transportation landscape. Transformation involves many small disruptions, not all…

Blockchain-based micropayments will enable service providers to create incentive programs and business models that attract customers and potentially undercut competitors that rely on traditional technologies.

All the things carmakers say they’ll accomplish with their future electric vehicles between now and 2030

The electric-vehicle market made big gains in 2019, across multiple car manufacturers — and the industry has even bigger plans for the years to come. Rivian, for example, closed out the year with an extra $1.3 billion in investments. Tesla turned a profit, debuted the Cybertruck, delivered the first Model 3s built in its Shanghai plant, and announced…

Some manufacturers have revised their earlier estimates and are planning to reach electrification targets sooner than expected. 

PG&E is betting heavily on microgrids. But can it move away from fossil fuels?

Late last October, when Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) shut off power to vast swaths of its service territory in anticipation of heightened fire conditions, four towns in Northern California managed to keep the lights on, in part. The towns — Angwin, Calistoga, Placerville and Grass Valley —​ are part of PG&E’s effort to build a network of…

We see there being tremendous value in the flexibility that these sort of temporary microgrids provide.

Paul Doherty Spokesperson, PG&E

5 Things Fuel Cell Investors Need to Know

While the hype around fuel cells is high, the fundamentals on the ground haven’t changed much in years. Fuel cells have challenges that will be difficult to overcome, and these companies have been disappointing investors for years. Here’s what you need to know before jumping into a stock just because the company makes fuel cells…

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