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Electric vehicles are the future. Can ComEd power the revolution while keeping the lights on?

Electric vehicles are generating most of the buzz in the automotive industry these days, with sleek designs, sizzling performance and environmental benefits threatening to put gas guzzlers in the rearview mirror for good. While still a fraction of total auto sales, demand for electric vehicles is projected to ramp up sharply over the next decade…

We’re pretty excited about the transformation of the transportation sector to more electric vehicles. That’s a technology that we see coming very rapidly that’s going to change the nature of our business.

Joe Dominguez, 57, a longtime Exelon executive who was named CEO of ComEd in August 2018

It’s DTECH Time! What to expect in 2020

With so much new and exciting in the energy delivery space, DTECH is a must-attend for anyone who works with energy on the distribution side of the grid. Here’s a quick look at what to expect in San Antonio. At DISTRIBUTECH International, we strive to give attendees a good look at the future of energy – where the industry is headed and what…

Has sustainability become a new selling point?

As tech enables greater sustainability, has it become the new selling point, or should we simply consume less, not differently? This week, the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, once again gathered the world’s political and business elite. The event that once hit the headlines for selling $43 hot dogs had a much more…

Today’s global sustainability challenges provide us with some of the greatest opportunities for development and innovation. We want to empower driven and committed entrepreneurs who are solving problems in their own communities.

Maisie Devine, Global Director of AB InBev’s 100+ Accelerator

How Soon Will Electric Vehicles Kill The Gasoline Car?

When I talk about exponential growth in clean transportation—or say anything optimistic about climate change—the pessimists baulk. C’mon, they say, the overwhelming majority of our electricity comes from fossil fuels. Demand for oil is still growing. Electric vehicles (EVs) are a miniscule percentage of cars sold. What good can a…

Simply put, an EV is only as clean as the energy ecosystem in which it drives.

‘Hypocrisy’: 90% of UK-Africa summit’s energy deals were in fossil fuels

More than 90% of the £2bn in energy deals struck at this week’s UK-Africa investment summit were for fossil fuels, despite a government commitment to “support African countries in their transition to cleaner energy”. But the commercial energy deals revealed later were dominated by oil and gas production. The official UK government…

We all breathe the same air, we live beneath the same sky, and we all suffer when carbon emissions rise and the planet warms.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Inside Dubai’s Quest to be the First Blockchain-Powered City

As a part of its digital transformation efforts, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has capitalized on blockchain technology to transform government transactions on the federal level. Almost every sector of the UAE – from energy to media – is exploring blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Spearheaded by the launch of the Dubai…

Missing spark: Corporate funding for battery storage,smart grid, energy efficiency companies down in 2019

At $2.3 billion, global VC funding that flowed into battery storage, smart grid and energy efficiency companies in 2019 was down 18% compared with $2.8 billion in 2018. According to a report by Mercom Capital, total corporate funding — including venture capital funding, public market and debt financing — in the battery storage, smart grid…

Enterprise Blockchain Trends: Digital Identity Management

Despite the much-touted promise of Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) to transform industries and create expanded business value, enterprises still struggle to identify where blockchain offers better value than existing technologies, and they lack the expertise to use the technology to address new business challenges..

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