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The transformation of energy technology: learnings from CES 2020

Sustainability was a common thread at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. From improving energy efficiency to responsible recycling, more than 200 companies on the show floor had exhibitions focused on sustainable innovation. Through these exhibitors and the myriad conference sessions, the team from Enel X noticed…

One thing is for certain: the energy sector is in the midst of a fast-moving transformation. If businesses across sectors want to successfully ride the tide, they need to lean into consumers’ sustainability demands and be platforms for change.

IRENA Partners With The UAE Ministry Of Energy To Promote Renewables

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) last week signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Energy and Industry, to cooperate in the field of renewable energy and drive an accelerated shift to low-carbon energy sources. The MoU was signed in by IRENA Director-General Francesco…

The case for renewable energy in the UAE and across the Gulf is unquestionable. Today, solar and wind are the country’s most cost-effective sources of new power generation – contributing to growth, economic diversification and sustainable development in the Emirates.

IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera

Amazon to add 10,000 electric vehicles into its delivery fleet by 2025

Amazon India has made a commitment to induct 10,000 electric vehicles (EV) into its delivery fleet by 2025, as part of the company’s efforts to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of its operations. In a statement, the company said its commitment to electric mobility comes after running successful pilots in several cities last year…

At Amazon India, we are committed to building a supply chain that will minimize the environmental impact of our operations.

Akhil Saxena, vice president, Customer Fulfillment-APAC & Emerging Markets, Amazon

Can these 6 steps tip us toward real climate action?

n the wake of the news that the 2010’s was the hottest-ever decade on record, many are asking — what can be done to stop the trend? As it stands, warming is only expected to continue, with new record-setting heat. And with the conversation on climate change focused on doom and gloom, it can seem like our future is already written…

The urgency and complex character of climate change require transdisciplinarity and engagement with social movements, knowledge brokers, and change leaders.

As the researchers write

Rural Neighborhood Chooses Off-Grid Microgrids Instead of Paying the Utility

For the Silvies Valley Ranch outside of Burns, Oregon, off-grid microgrids for each of 600 homes under development makes more financial sense than paying the local utility $7 million to run utility lines to the ranch. The eco-friendly ranch and luxury resort, formerly a dude ranch, is located on 140,000 acres in eastern Oregon where visitors and…

They were told that they would have to pay for it, then pay for the power they used, and that the utility company would then own the lines that Silvies paid to have run to their own property.

Erynn Kerrigan, a spokeswoman for Humless

Why the World Economic Forum Is Creating a Blockchain ‘Bill of Rights’

If the last few years have taught us one thing, it’s this: users are not magically protected as technology evolves. Rather, user protection is something that occurs as the result of intention, commitment, and deliberate design. Without this dedication from the outset, the trajectory of a technology’s development can, and often does, carry significant and far…

TM Forum’s Smart City Operations Map delivers essential design and development tools

10+ cities in China already using Smart City Operations Map for overall operations and programs; Smart City program is key part of TM Forum’s collaborative work focused on helping CSPs access critical markets to offer new products and services. TM Forum, the industry association driving digital transformation through collaboration, today released…

Smart City initiatives around the world are striving to improve the livability of cities as urbanization becomes predominant for over half of the world’s population. However, the design and development of smart cities is still considered a massive feat and solution architects lack holistic tools to do the job. This new Smart City Operations Map provides a framework to solve challenges for both buyers and sellers to help make smart city initiatives a success.”

said Joann O’Brien, Vice President of Digital Ecosystems, TM Forum

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