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4IR Tech Can Fast Track 70% of Sustainable Development Goals

2030 is the “Decade of Delivery” to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals – yet the gap between where we are, and where we need to be is significant. A new report, Unlocking Technology for the Global Goals, finds that 4IR technology can play a major role in bridging this gap, but new commitments and partnerships will be necessary to move…

There is a huge untapped opportunity to harness new technologies to accelerate progress on the Global Goals. It’s time to move from celebrating so-called Tech for Good use cases to assertively directing technology at society’s biggest challenges – such as climate change and inequality.

Celine Herweijer, Partner and Global Innovation and Sustainability Leader, PwC UK

DEWA Strengthens Role Of AI To Drive Sustainability

The UAE continues to place great importance in protecting the environment and promoting a green economy, placing sustainability at the forefront of its strategic priorities. This is in line with the UAE Vision 2021, which aims to build a sustainable environment and a diversified and sustainable competitive economy that ensures a secure future for…

The Hottest Energy Investment Niche Of 2020

What a difference a decade can make. Ten years ago, Li-ion batteries were mostly confined to phones and personal computers; fast-forward to the present and they now power our cars, houses, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), marine vehicles, and even factories. The coming energy storage explosion will, however, make all this look like a mere stage…

The outlook for the battery storage industry is as rosy as they get.

Africa will develop with oil and gas – whether the West likes it or not

In a 2014 article, Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa argued for an Apartheid-style boycott on coal, oil and gas companies as a way to fight climate change and help ensure global environmental sustainability goals. “We must stop climate change. And we can if we use the tactics that worked in South Africa against the worst carbon emitters,” he wrote…

Energy is the catalyst for growth. They even want to tell us to switch off all the coal-generated power stations… until you tell them, ‘you know we can do that, but you’ll breathe fresh air in the darkness’.

Mr. Gwede Mantashe, South Africa’s Energy Minister

‘High Level’ Crypto Experts to Advise OECD

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, an intergovernmental body with 36 member countries, has formed “a high-level expert group” which includes executives from the crypto industry. They will provide advice in helping develop international blockchain policy principles…

We are engaging with a diverse group of experts and innovators in developing principles to guide governments and industry in pursuit of viable blockchain innovation and adoption.

Aerdt Houben, Director of Financial Markets at De Nederlandsche Bank and Chair of the CMF

A Post-Soleimani Energy World – Analysis

The Atlantic Council Global Energy Forum, held in Abu Dhabi on 10-12 January 2020, had the top businesses and analysts of the global energy industry. It was also part of a larger event, the annual Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, which aims to be a global platform for sustainability in various industries. Abu Dhabi sits at the very heart of…

One big overhang for the energy sector has been the ‘Greta’ effect – activists who want to shut down the fossil fuel industry.

Are Blockchain and Bitcoin New Tools for Criminals?

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have peculiarities that, in the absence of adequate supervision, meaning they are likely to become instruments harmful to the economic and monetary system as a whole, and risky for individual users, and be an additional useful tool for criminal organizations…

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