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Microsoft, Pepsi and Visa make moves in week of corporate renewable pledges

Some of the world’s largest and most iconic businesses have chosen this week to make announcements around the full procurement of renewable electricity, laying the groundwork for the deployment of large solar and wind pipelines in the matter of years. On Thursday, technology colossus Microsoft unveiled plans for a green energy…

Interview with Jerry Ranger, Texenergy

We have been involved in the power business for over 15 years specializing in designing, developing, and manufacturing portable power for the outdoor industry. However, over the last four years, it became clear that the ability for the individual to be able to generate their power completely grid-free was required. This can be done with…

The off-grid market is expanding to over a trillion-dollar market for wind turbines alone. The need to develop and produce off-grid power without the use of fossil fuels is now critical across the globe. 

Texenergy Founder and CEO, Jerry Ranger

Hedera Hashgraph CPO: ‘The Adoption Of Blockchain Is Going Faster Than I’ve Seen In IoT And AI’

Lionel Chocron, Chief Product Officer at Hedera Hashgraph, was born in France. About twenty years ago, he came to the US west coast to receive a Master’s degree at UC Berkeley, whereafter he eventually took a job working at Cisco. He spent 10 years there focusing on emerging technology—he ran the Internet of Things business unit at Cisco for years…

Everybody knows what a ledger is. When you start understanding a distributed ledger, and you start paving the path of how you can use an ecosystem of companies that are working together and sharing information on the ledger, whether it’s a private and public ledger, it clicks pretty quickly and people see the value in it.

Lionel Chocron, Chief Product Officer at Hedera Hashgraph

China Embraces Battery-Swapping System for Electric Vehicles

China is stepping up efforts to facilitate initiatives that allow swapping electric-vehicle batteries on-the-go, seeking to further spur the adoption of EVs in the world’s biggest car market. The government is working to establish common industry standards for the procedure, which allows drivers to pull in and quickly swap out their electric car’s battery…

We will actively promote the demonstration application of battery-swap mode and improve the system and standardization. As the next step, we will optimize the development environment, guide enterprises to improve battery-swap technology, promote the formation of a more mature business model, and further improve the convenience of new energy vehicle usage.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Volkswagen to Favor Batteries Over Fuel Cells

As we’ve previously reported on The News Wheel, Volkswagen is making an extremely aggressive and virtually unparalleled push into the all-electric vehicle market. Yesterday, the automaker’s CEO, Dr. Herbert Diess, reinforced the company’s position on that direction in an interview with Reuters. In his statement, he stated that VW…

The big question is: Are we fast enough? If we continue at our current speed, it is going to be very tough.

Volkswagen CEO, Dr. Herbert Diess

9 reasons to be optimistic about tech in 2020

2020 is the year that some of the most-hyped technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will reach full maturity and begin to deliver on their promise. While this will yield increased profits for companies who can effectively leverage these technologies into new business models, what makes these developments truly revolutionary is their ability to…

Wind, Storage and EVs Are Racing Ahead While Wider Green Investment Stalls

A few renewable energy technologies are bracing for rapid growth, breaking away from stagnation in investment across the whole industry last year. A BloombergNEF report that counted $282.2 billion in funding for clean energy technologies in 2019, up just 1% from the year before, suggested electric cars, offshore wind farms and energy…

EDP backs Portuguese offshore robotics test centre

EDP is part of a project to set up a real-time testing centre for marine robots for use in the offshore wind sector on the coast of Viana do Castelo in Portugal. The Atlantis Test Center will enable the validation of robotic solutions to carry out the assessment and maintenance of offshore wind infrastructure in extreme weather conditions and aims help…

The Atlantis Test Center will allow us to quantify the added value of new robotic technology and accelerate their integration into the offshore wind energy sector.

INESC TEC project coordinator and researcher Andry Maykol

UAE- DEWA strengthens role of AI to drive sustainability

The UAE leadership places great importance on protecting the environment and promoting a green economy, and placing sustainability at the forefront of its strategic priorities. This prioritization supports UAE Vision 2021, which aims to build a sustainable environment and a diversified and sustainable competitive economy that…

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