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How AI can help the move to a low-carbon future

The world has gone through a number of energy transformations – from wood to coal, then to oil, gas and (partly) nuclear. These shifts were gradual and contingent on economic conditions. Now major efforts are under way to reform the global energy sector to make it low-carbon, non-nuclear and climate-compatible. But, unlike the previous…

10 Energy Trends to Keep Climate Change in Check

Individuals and organizations are doing everything they can to stop climate change. Many sectors impact global warming, but power generation is a significant one. Global energy needs call for tons of fuel, which deplete water sources and output emissions. Clean energy is the best way to go, with new trends emerging while old ones change to fit the…

Much-needed energy solutions will emerge in response to ecological concerns. Technological advancements have allowed developers to change how they operate buildings, generate energy and share power across the grid.

BlackRock, world’s largest investment manager, drops thermal coal

BlackRock, the world’s largest investment manager, announced that it will no longer invest in thermal coal. It also said it will drop company directors who fail to act on financial risks from climate change. As a result, BlackRock will drop around $500 million in thermal coal investments. It manages around $7 trillion of funds…

In the near future — and sooner than most anticipate — there will be a significant reallocation of capital.

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock

In Libra’s Wake, Experts Begin Planning Digital Money Controlled by Central Banks

When Facebook Inc. last year floated the idea of a digital currency called Libra, the notion of a currency backed by a powerful corporation with global reach stimulated some experts to begin thinking about digital money that could be issued not by private companies but by central banks. On Thursday, a major consulting company and a former…

This press release strikes me as a bit of a fishing expedition.  It’s an effort to establish a core group that has sufficient gravitas to coalesce key policymakers around its recommendations.

Tim Sloane, who follows digital currencies as vice president of payments innovation at Mercator Advisory Group

Former Coca Cola exec shares insight on blockchain supply chain management

Blockchain is continually pushing into various industries ranging from banking to retail. As it continues to grow, many companies and executives are starting to take notice and begin either adopting it or experimenting with it. One major area for blockchain innovation is supply chain management, which many companies investigating…

Ever since blockchain surfaced about three years ago as a topic of frequent discussion in the supply chain industry, there have been many companies piloting it just for the sake of trying something new.

Kraig Adams

Toyota Leasing first to issue debt using blockchain

Toyota Leasing Thailand Co Ltd, the automotive leasing arm of Toyota Motor Thailand, has become the first company to issue debentures through the blockchain-integrated distributed ledger technology (DLT) under the Securities and Exchange Commission’s regulatory sandbox. DLT is a digital system where asset transactions and their details are…

Top 10 Smart Cities

Gigabit counts down the world’s top 10 smart cities, with reference to the IMD Smart City Index 2019. Only the seventh-largest German city, Düsseldorf nevertheless exceeds its peers thanks to a focus on smart mobility and transportation. This has been achieved in part via collaboration with private enterprise. In partnership with…

CES2020: The Rise of AI and Personalized Wellness

CES, the largest tech event of the year, is no stranger to the extremely cool, strange, repetitive or revolutionary when it comes to technology. Although the show boasts thousands of different types of technologies and products, certain themes and trends are pervasive throughout the week. After putting in about 18.5 miles in less than 3 days, I reflected on the…

From sensors to AI, 5G and the future of mobility, CES 2020 made a few things clear: partnerships are necessary for how we will build a connected future and personalized wellness is becoming a need to have instead of a nice to have.

Xcel Energy to Build 7 Community Microgrids with Siemens and Fluence

Xcel Energy is seeking regulatory approval to move forward with seven microgrids, at a cost to the utility of $23.4 million, chosen from a community resilience solicitation that the Colorado utility issued in May. The microgrids will serve the Denver International Airport Automated Guideway Transit System; National Western Center; Denver Rescue…

Ultimately, we selected Siemens and its Fluence battery system based on system performance, a strong track record, and a lower price point.

Charles Gouin, Xcel Energy business technology consultant


The funds were deployed into companies that the federal government said are innovating to tackle climate change and promote sustainability. SDTC supports projects directly related to climate change, clean air, clean water, and clean soil. The organization was created by the Government of Canada in 2001…

Canadian cleantech entrepreneurs are tackling problems across Canada and in every sector. I have never been more positive about the future. SDTC remains committed to helping companies accelerate their clean technologies, from seed to scale-up.

Leah Lawrence, president and CEO STDC

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