Interview with Jerry Ranger, Texenergy

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Texenergy is one of the world’s leaders when it comes to portable power generation. If you are going into the wilderness, this is what you need. The Energy Bit would like to thank Jerry for providing us with spectacular content, and we hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

How has Texenergy come about – What was the motivation for creating the company?

Texenergy Founder and CEO, Jerry Ranger

We have been involved in the power business for over 15 years specializing in designing, developing, and manufacturing portable power for the outdoor industry. However, over the last four years, it became clear that the ability for the individual to be able to generate their power completely grid-free was required. This can be done with solar; however, the time available on average is 8hrs a day. The wind turbine can work through the night, so both methods for generating off-grid power are compatible with each other. It was with this in mind that we set up Texenergy with the primary goal of designing a range of portable wind turbines and other turbine technologies that can be utilized to produce power and as an example, a water turbine.

Can you give a bit of a description of the typical Texenergy customer?

The customer base is vast and crosses several markets, such as:

  • Outdoors and adventure users
  • To be used during scientific exploration
  • Used with a range of marine applications
  • To help power conservation projects
  • Used by aid agencies worldwide
  • During and after natural disasters
  • Many tactical applications worldwide
  • For everyday user who is keen to invest in an off-grid power source
  • To help identify customers who would be keen to use portable wind turbines, the target market will be anyone who already uses or is considering the use of a solar panel

How do you stand out from your competitors – what is your advantage compared to them?

The Texenergy range of wind turbines has been designed to be fully portable and packed up in a small and lightweight case. No specialized tools are required to assemble to use the turbines. Easy installation with the use of very strong and robust tripods, to mounting clamps which allow the wind turbines to be located in limited and remote spaces.

What is Texenergy’s most popular product at the moment? Why?

The most popular product is the 5V wind turbine, as it is the only commercially viable solution on the market. This will be replaced by our new 12V version, which gives a much wider range of applications. The new unit will be shown at the CES show next week.

5V wind turbine

How large is the firm at the moment? Are there new product areas you want to expand?

The company has increased significantly in the last 12 months, with an expanded team and a more extensive distribution network globally. Our product road map plan is to extend into much larger wind turbines.

How do you see the future of the off-grid market? Where do you see the biggest demand happening? 

The off-grid market is expanding to over a trillion-dollar market for wind turbines alone. The need to develop and produce off-grid power without the use of fossil fuels is now critical across the globe. 

When you design a new product, which comes first – durability, portability, or usability? How do you balance these?

The primary focus of any new design is the function, which is then followed by form. Our aim is to develop products that are world-class with durability and functionality. Clearly, pricing is and has to be considered; however, we focus initially on designing a product that can be used globally in very harsh environments with ease of use.

How do you ensure reliability? How thoroughly are your products tested? 

Reliability has to be one of the main focus by the fact that we are producing power off-grid and usually in very harsh environments where generating power can save lives. The turbines are set to run for hours on durability rigs at the test laboratories and then used at high altitudes in the mountains and subjected to extreme temperatures. We also use the turbines at sea to ensure all the connectors can withstand being wet and rained on.

Is some part of your production line outsourced, and if so, how much responsibility do you take for ensuring the greenness of production?

Some of the components on the internal electronics used on the PCB are sourced from suppliers. Each component has to be supplied with full approval and batch traceability. We also do a 100% internal inspection at our good inwards warehouse.

Video from CES2020 by Jared Bendis

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