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2020 Will Be A Tipping Point For IoT Across Industries

Internet of Things (IoT) has permeated all walks of the digital life – from smart homes and factories to wearables and smart supply chains. Research reports from NASSCOM predict that the global market size of IoT is expected to touch USD 3 trillion by 2020. What the estimates underscore is the huge potential of IoT to cause meaningful disruptions in…

From 2% to 20% – Accelerating Renewable Energy Development in Malaysia, part 2

Malaysia Energy Plan started in 1966, with the first wave focused on providing adequate energy and water supply. Since then, there have been several stages of that plan, which addresses various energy challenges to the country in response to internal and global influences and challenges. The figure below shows the change in the dominant…

The current renewable energy target of Malaysia is 20% renewable energy penetration by 2025. This is an ambitious feat considering that the 2019 RE percentage is only at 2%.

Google’s Solar Deal for Nevada Data Center Would Be Largest of Its Kind

Apple may be leading the pack for solar use, powering both its data centers and its Cupertino offices with nearly 400MW of capacity in 2018 and adding another 200MW in 2019, but Google is going for the largest global deal so far for battery-backed solar in Nevada. The company wants to use energy generated by a planned 350MW solar plant combined with…

Battery-backed solar can help in powering data centers, but it’s not yet at a point where it can truly provide 24/7 power 365 days a year.

Ramez Naam, co-chair for energy and the environment at Singularity University

Kenya Meets Renewable Energy Generation Target, Should Now Shift Focus To Accelerating EV Adoption To Soak Up Excess Electricity

Growing up in the 80s, we were privileged to enjoy some outstanding TV shows. One of the favorites was of course the A Team. A favorite line for many viewers was Hannibal Smith’s famous “I love it when a plan comes together.” Now would be a good time to use that line with respect to Kenya’s impressive performance in chasing its renewable energy…

Green hydrogen could drive the energy transition—but investment and infrastructure are lacking, say experts

Every four years, the Summer Olympics see the world’s greatest athletes perform historical feats, but at the Tokyo Games this year, a different kind of history will be made. Since the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan has worked hard to predominantly power its society with hydrogen by 2050, and the nation intends to use the occasion to…

Green hydrogen is a key technology in a decarbonized economy, but governments need to adopt a solid strategy and install the transmission infrastructure now to gain investors’ confidence.

Yasuhiro Matsuyama, director-general at the Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Department of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan

Liverpool engineers help African nations shift towards clean energy

Liverpool engineering company Clarke Energy is helping African businesses reduce carbon emissions thanks to innovative hybrid engines. During a visit to Merseyside today (15th January 2020), International Development Minister Andrew Murrison opened a new engine repair workshop at the company, which will make power plants…

The UK-Africa Investment Summit will forge closer trading partnerships to deliver more investment, jobs and growth benefitting people and businesses across Africa and the UK.

International Development Minister Andrew Murrison

Five electric vehicles take Islington town hall off-grid

Islington Council can now run its town hall entirely off-grid at peak times, using five Nissan ENV200 electric vans to provide power. Under a trial with energy technology firm Moixa and Honda’s energy management arm, the council aims to work out how electric vehicle (EV) smart charging and vehicle-to-grid technology can cut carbon and cost…

We do not just see ourselves as a mobility provider. We are a tech provider as well.

Honda department manager for electrification and energy management, Matthew Waite

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