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This Material Could Squeeze More Energy from Solar Panels

Research teams in Australia and China are inching closer toward a solar cell design that could revolutionize the industry, but plenty of hurdles remain. The key lies with perovskite, a crystalline structure first discovered in Russia in the mid-1800s. Engineers want to use the material to build cheaper and more efficient solar panels—potentially in…

There’s a lot of emphasis now on improving efficiency, and that’s why there’s suddenly these tandem approaches.


Power Ledger Integrates Blockchain-Based Energy Auditing in Solar Power Asset

Australia-based blockchain energy firm Power Ledger has purchased a 250 kilowatt (kW) photovoltaic system that will utilize a blockchain-based data management and settlement system. Per a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Jan. 13, Power Ledger purchased the system from Perdaman Advanced Energy, an Australian firm that provides clean…

The renewable energy that the Maddington asset generates will be tracked using blockchain technology to provide a verified audit trail for energy generated, energy bought from the grid, energy consumed and energy dispatched to the grid. 

What Would It Take for the US to Become an Energy Storage Manufacturing Powerhouse?

U.S. entrepreneurs have led the world in creating new technologies for storing grid power, but they largely rely on other countries for their core ingredients. Tesla’s famous car and grid batteries use cells from Japanese manufacturer Panasonic. When companies like Fluence or NextEra integrate large battery enclosures, they source cells from…

We’re very intertwined, and we will always be intertwined, with the international footprint on these topics, just like we are with oil and gas.

DOE Under Secretary for Science Paul Dabbar

Energy Department Launches Challenge for Next-Gen Storage Technologies

The Energy Department is launching a comprehensive program to accelerate the development and use of next-generation energy storage technologies across the United States and advance the nation’s global leadership in the space. Through its new Energy Storage Grand Challenge, the agency will coordinate a range of research and…

Energy storage is key to capturing the full value of our diverse energy resources.

the agency’s Secretary Dan Brouillette

Report: Blockchain Not Suited to Transactive Energy

There is a new technology being praised in the energy sector as transformational, and that technology is blockchain. The security it provides for transactions has raised the talk of using the technology for transactive energy markets and encourage decentralization. For instance, it has been suggested that commercial and residential consumers…

Flowchain aims to build a revolutionary AIoT blockchain framework for ecological restoration

In the past few years, scientists and IoT companies have inserted a tremendous number of sensors in farms and natural environments to collect environmental data. However, an overabundance of sensors designed for this purpose and the lack of a proper recycling system would only exacerbate existing technology pollution issues…

IoT should not be just a composition of sensors and dashboards. The purpose of science and technology should be people-oriented and nature-oriented, especially when we are discussing agriculture and ecological conservation.

Jollen Chen, Flowchain’s founder and CEO

SoftBank eyes investment in Indonesia’s new smart capital city

Masayoshi Son, founder of Japanese telecom and investment conglomerate SoftBank, has signalled his company’s interest in backing a new technology-infused capital city for Indonesia. Indonesia’s government plans to move the capital city from Jakarta due to overcrowding with over 10 million people, pollution and the fact that it is sinking…

We won’t discuss the specific number yet, but a new smart city, the newest technology, a clean city and a lot of AI [artificial intelligence] – that’s what I’m interested in supporting.

Masayoshi Son

What is Digital Transformation? A conversation with Microsoft

As we enter a new decade with the 2020’s, the world doesn’t resemble what it was in 2010. Few quick taps on your phone and you’ll get your lunch. 10 years earlier that meant making a phone call, explaining your order, and giving directions to a lost delivery rider. Technology has reshaped our lives. Now with the rise of AI, cloud computing, and…

It was interesting to see that in 2017, digital products and services made up only 6% of the economy across the Asia Pacific region. The research showed this is expected to increase to 60% by 2021. 

Andrea Della Mattea – President, Microsoft APAC

Five trends driving solar energy globally in 2020 via Sun Investment Group

The solar energy market is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 20.5% from 2019 to 2026, and account for $223.3 billion by the end of 2026. Although climate change is the primary reason why solar energy is gaining popularity, Andrius Terskovas, head of business development at Sun Investment Group (SIG), a European solar plant developer, sees these…

What we can do is to make solar and other renewable energy sources more available for individuals. Make it user-friendly and switch the position from someone else’s business to a personal matter.

Andrius Terskovas

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