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The Santa Barbara Unified School District (SBUSD) has unanimously approved an ambitious initiative with the Clean Coalition, a nonprofit organization, and Sage Energy Consulting to stage solar-driven microgrids and electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVCI) at schools throughout the District. The microgrids will feature solar and energy…

The Santa Barbara Unified School District is showing tremendous leadership in planning solar-driven microgrids and electric vehicle charging to support the community. The District is taking a major step toward a resilient electricity system for the Santa Barbara region; and as one of the most important property owners in the region, the District is providing a shining example for others to follow.

Craig Lewis, Executive Director of the Clean Coalition

Wanna drop lead-acid? Everything you need to know to replace a lead-acid battery bank with LFP batteries

For homeowners who live off-grid, prepping for winter weather and months with lower solar production means ensuring that their solar+energy storage system is able to produce enough power to endure long, cold nights and periods of inclement weather. Most off-grid systems rely on flooded lead-acid (FLA) batteries to provide storage…

Potential of Electric Vehicles Tied to Solar Research

Not spending money on gas, oil changes, and tune-ups and not producing harmful greenhouse gas emissions is enough to sell many people on plug-in electric cars. But many consumers won’t bite until they’re assured that electric cars can go the distance before needing a charge. Some California cities are well on the way to helping the state become a…

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular. If we can do it in a cost-effective way, it’s a great idea to put solar panels on the roofs of electric cars so they would just charge themselves in the sun. The challenge is that the solar panels only give a small boost, so we are testing solar panels that would provide a bigger charge.

UC Merced Professor Sarah Kurtz

Global transactive energy market to record 153% growth

Navigant Research has released a new report which explores the global transactive energy market through 2028. According to the report, the market will grow by 153% through 2028, to reach $7.9 billion in revenue generation. The main factor driving the market growth is the need by grid operators to manage volatility caused by high…

Understanding the various strengths and difficulties the TE market faces will enable utilities and energy companies to elevate data-driven services for customers.

Roberto Rodriguez Labastida, a senior research analyst with Navigant Research

New year, new energy: Cleantech innovations vie for the spotlight at CES

November was the second warmest November on record in 140 years, and the 419th consecutive month with temperatures above the 20th-century average. The levels of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have reached another record high. According to a recent release by the World Meteorological Association, this amounts to…

At Enel, we believe collaboration and innovation are the keys to combating climate change.

The Energy Switch—A Residential Microgrid

As part of DOE-FOA-0001225, a DOE-funded program in conjunction with Concurrent Design, Pecan Street developed a residential microgrid called The Energy Switch. The program was a fast-paced, one-year development that included a two-month demonstration and ended with NREL doing a third-party validation of performance…

Greenhouse gas emissions drop in Spain as power plants ditch coal

Spain has taken just one year to reach a goal that was expected to require a decade. The government had predicted that by 2030 coal would no longer be used in power plants to generate electricity, yet this objective was all but achieved last year. The country has dramatically reduced its reliance on coal-fired power, and as a direct result, carbon dioxide…

Coal-fired thermal plants generated under 5% of total electricity, or 85.6% less than in 2002.

Lithium-ion industry ‘disruptor’ 24M’s thick electrodes power Kyocera’s new energy storage systems

Kyocera has officially launched a residential energy storage system using an advanced manufacturing process that supplier 24M claims can reduce some of the key costs of lithium battery making by as much as 50%. The Japanese company’s new product, Enerezza, is aimed at the booming market in its homeland and is available in 5kWh, 10kWh…

What 24M has developed in conjunction with Kyocera is a novel manufacturing platform that uses standard lithium-ion supply chain materials in a novel way, that gives a number of differentiated benefits for applications on the grid.

24M senior director of products, Joe Adiletta

Demand Flexibility: Harnessing Behind-the-Meter DERs to Build a Virtual Power Plant

In our last article, we described the tools now available to move from limited and siloed utility programs for energy efficiency, demand response, and storage to reliable, integrated and scalable demand flexibility markets. Smart meter data and open source analytical methods provide the building blocks to replace deemed savings estimates and…

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