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Technologies exist to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate climate change, from electric vehicles to solar power and wind turbines. But to make the changes required to effectively address global warming, adoption of these low-carbon technologies will have to increase exponentially — as will the supply of minerals and metals to bring them to…

Our analysis is aimed at galvanizing international policy makers to include mineral supply concerns for green technologies in climate change negotiations. We need to build on the resolution on mineral governance passed at the United Nations Environment Assembly in 2019 and operationalize a clear action plan on supply chain security for a low carbon transition.

Saleem Ali, Blue and Gold Distinguished Professor of Energy and the Environment at the University of Delaware

5 Benefits of Using Solar Energy

The radiation of the sun provides us solar energy which can be converted to heat and electricity. Solar energy is available for free and with technological advancement, we have ways to harness it for our use. It is a renewable form of energy with a number of benefits for mankind. It doesn’t produce harmful gases or emissions so don’t cause any kind of…

Siemens opens digitalisation centre to advance smart energy systems

Siemens has opened a Digital Grid Centre in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to advance the digitalization of energy systems in the Middle East, supporting smarter cities and industry. The centre enables Siemens to collaborate with customers in developing, demonstrating and testing digital energy solutions, and provides remote support for the utilities, oil…

Our energy systems are evolving as decentralisation and a diversifying energy mix impose greater complexity on our electricity grids.

Franco Atassi, Head of Smart Infrastructure for Siemens in the Middle East

10 Rooftop Solar and Storage Predictions for the Next Decade

Predicting the future is easy; getting the exact timing is very hard — especially with all the emerging technologies and requirements facing the solar and storage industry. So this year I’m giving myself a whole decade to get these behind-the-meter energy system predictions mostly right…

Don’t expect a unifying app for all your home’s energy systems any time soon.

Kenya: Technology Catalyst to Achieving Goals

Rapid technological change can catalyze the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Technological innovations can give policymakers an enabling platform and powerful tools to design and plan development interventions, according to the “United Nations Economic and Social Council 2019” report. Big Data and machine learning can be used to create…

Global wind power players see Japan as next money-spinner

The city of Choshi lies to the east of Tokyo, right where the elbow of the Boso Peninsula juts out into the Pacific. It is known for two things — seafood and soy sauce — and was devastated by B-29 air raids in World War II. Now, of its rugged coastline, a Japanese utility and a European powerhouse are trying to spark a national energy…

Nuclear will be difficult, because Japan still hasn’t resolved the issue of restarting idle reactors. Coal will be tough due to [environmental] pressure from the international community. If it goes on like this, we’ll lose our power sources. Offshore wind power is the last ace up our sleeve.

Jin Kato, president of the Japan Wind Power Association, or JWPA

Declining renewable costs drive focus on energy storage

An oft-repeated refrain—the sun doesn’t always shine, and the wind doesn’t always blow—it is sometimes seen as an impediment to renewable energy. But it’s also an impetus toward discovering the best ways to store that energy until it’s needed. Declining costs in available technologies have propelled interest in energy storage forward like never…

The declining cost of wind and solar and now batteries makes it conceivable to consider 100% renewables.

Paul Denholm, a principal energy analyst at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

International law firm advises on world-first for digital currencies

Led by Vancouver-based John Kim, the cross-border team advised NZIA Limited, a Bahamas-based company specializing in network, blockchain and distributed ledger technology solutions, on the development and implementation of its “Sand Dollars” – the first digital currency to be legal tender in any country, which are being…

The innovative nature of Project Sand Dollar required us to provide equally innovative solutions to our client. Our input resulted in a system that would not only meet the requirements of current financial and regulatory regimes, but actually leverage them to provide a CBDC solution that enables people to conduct more secure and instant transactions.

John Kim

Blockchain technology can be used to innovate green energy markets, researchers say

The usage of blockchain technology for trading green energy markets is already taking shape. Researchers are now confident that in the future, blockchain will play a major role in advancing green energy policies. The integration of blockchain technology in various technologies has resulted in innovative ideas that are changing the scope of entire…

Claims on future electricity production can be directly traded between generators and consumers through blockchain in a cyber-physical marketplace […] power contracts for future delivery are transacted on the blockchain. These claims on future generation could be embodied as nonfungible blockchain tokens with future electrical power delivery as the underlying asset.

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