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UK had ‘cleanest year’ on record in 2019 while half of Denmark’s energy came from renewables

The UK had its “cleanest year” on record last year as the consumption of clean energy sources surpassed that from fossil fuels, while half of Denmark’s electricity consumption came from renewables, new data show. Data released by Britain’s grid operator on Wednesday showed that wind farms, solar and nuclear energy as well as clean energy…

The historic milestone comes as we enter the mid-point between 1990 and 2050 — the year in which the UK has committed to achieve at least 100% reduction in emissions based on 1990 levels.

India: TERI Develops DLT-Powered Solar Energy Trading Prototype

In a move that seeks to leverage emerging technology to tackle the more serious economic and resource-related issues, New Delhi-based non-profit TERI has reportedly built a distributed ledger technology-enabled (DLT) prototype which will allow users to buy and sell solar energy among consumers in the same area. Per sources close to the matter…

The successful deployment of this prototype would help in scaling up the adoption of rooftop solar in the domestic consumer category.

Alekhya Datta, Fellow & Area Convenor, TERI

Warren Buffett Makes a Big Bet on Solar Power

Berkshire subsidiary NV Energy will be using the electricity generated by a 690-megawatt solar-energy plant to be built on federal land in Nevada. The current record for a solar plant is 579 megawatts. Berkshire subsidiary NV Energy will be using the electricity generated by a 690-megawatt solar-energy plant to be built on federal land in Nevada…

Why Investing in Renewable Energy Is a Moral Imperative

It was in 2005 that I made an audacious claim… The transition to a new energy economy had officially begun, the end of coal was upon us, and little by little, renewable energy was going to go from niche experiment to the second largest form of electricity generation in the United States. You would’ve thought I had burned a flag, spit on the grave…

To Store Renewable Energy, Try Freezing Air

The system that supplies clean electricity to Vermont is not exactly a model of Yankee ingenuity. In 2011, the state adopted a plan to get 90% of its power from renewable sources by 2050. That led to a surge of wind-generated power from the northeastern part of the state and an expansion of solar. But transmission lines in this sparsely…

Vermont has transmission issues. It’s a situation that many places in the U.S. are dealing with where renewable energy is being deployed more and more. It’s power that’s intermittent. They need something to balance their system out.

Salvatore Minopoli, vice president of Highview’s USA affiliate

Why you’re likely to keep hearing about utilities and blockchain in 2020

Blockchain has been a rising concept in the energy space in recent years, as more utilities announce pilots and partnerships with tech companies. Several new projects were announced in 2019, and that number will likely grow in 2020. Utilities throughout the country are trying to figure out how the software can help them secure their operations…

Blockchain is almost more of an umbrella term or a category than a specific item used across the board. There’s almost nothing you can say about one implementation of the technology that’s going to be true for all of them.

John de Villier, an analyst at Navigant Research

Artificial intelligence crucial for sustainable economy

The report, “Artificial Intelligence: Transforming the Future of Energy and Sustainability,” is based on a comprehensive literature review of AI’s predicted impact – compiled from almost 70 separate consultants’ reports, journal articles, news articles and analysis, and government documents. It shows AI will be the common factor in sustainability…

AI has the potential to accelerate sustainable development in many different ways. AI can support applications such as battery storage which are helping to integrate variable power sources such as wind and solar more effectively into our electricity grids. Virtual power plants running on AI algorithms are emerging and can improve energy access and electricity trading. Solutions such as autonomous driving are transforming the mobility sector thanks to the use of AI. AI also promises major advances in energy efficiency by making our cities in particular much more responsive to the way we consume power.

Dr Alexander Ritschel, head of technology at Masdar

ASEAN quickly turning to renewable energy hub

Technological innovations and favorable government policies are among the four trends expected to drive Southeast Asia’s transition to renewable energy in the coming years. A report published by global auditing firm KPMG titled ‘The Renewable Energy Transition’ noted that while there are still 70 million ASEAN citizens without…

The price of renewable energy has dropped sharply over the past five years and is expected to reach the price of electrical energy within the next five years. Once that happens, there will be more investors.

Sharad Somani, Executive Director and Asia Pacific Head of Power & Utilities at KPMG

BLOCKCHAIN IN BANKING: An inside look at four banks’ early blockchain successes and failures

Since its emergence at the start of the decade, blockchain has been heralded as one of the most transformative technologies for financial services. Blockchain hype has led financial institutions (FIs) to pour money into the space and into distributed ledger technology more broadly: about $1.7 billion annually as of 2018, per research from Greenwich…

To implement an effective blockchain solution, decision-makers should first determine how much they’re willing to commit to the technology and identify a genuine business problem that blockchain can resolve. Only then should they develop a strategy for delivering a blockchain project.

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