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Hi! Here is your daily dose of useful links and articles related to renewable energy and technology. Happy New Year!

Europe’s biggest SolarPV electricity generating plant built in Spain

SPAIN is now the proud possessor of Europe’s biggest solar photovoltaic (solarPV) plant. Generation and supply company Iberdrola has completed in just one year – a record time – the construction of the Núñez de Balboa project, which recently obtained its commissioning permit from the Ministry for Ecological Transition…

Iberdrola’s commitment to a decarbonised economic model has led it to earmark €10 billion a year for investment in renewable energies, smart electricity distribution networks and storage technologies, on top of the €100 billion already invested since 2001.

The battery decade: How energy storage could revolutionize industries in the next 10 years

What a difference a decade can make. In 2010, batteries powered our phones and computers. By the end of the decade, they are starting to power our cars and houses too. Over the last ten years, a surge in lithium-ion battery production drove down prices to the point that — for the first time in history — electric vehicles became…

Eventually this will come down to some industry leaders who make some money. I think all these companies are going to do a good job of delivering declining prices for [electric vehicle] manufacturers over the course of the next 5-10 years. I am not so sure that they are going to generate great stockholder returns in the process.

JMP Securities’ Joe Osha


GivePower has constructed a new water desalination plant in Africa using Tesla batteries and solar power. The system, which is now providing clean water to thousands of people, has been deployed in Kiunga, a rural village in Kenya, reported Electrek. Lack of clean water in the village had people relying on saltwater wells and contaminated…

11 Smart Water Technology Startups for Smart Cities

About one in three people on the planet currently lack access to safe drinking water, according to the World Health Organization. You might recall that Cape Town nearly ran out of freshwater last year, and cities from Tokyo to London could also face water shortages in the next few decades. You’re probably thinking that the United States is

Mitsubishi Utilizes Green Energy Solution Service at Japanese Plant

Located in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, the Okazaki Plant will receive a better energy storage system made of electric vehicles’ used batteries as well as a utility-scale rooftop photovoltaic system. The rooftop PV system project first started in October of 2019. Its commercial operation is scheduled to begin in May of 2020…

Start-up of the Day: Solmate: a power plant for the home that also looks great

In ten to twenty years’ time, each household will be producing its own sustainable energy in one way or another. That’s the conviction of Christoph Grimmer, co-founder of Efficient Energy Technology GmbH (EET). This start-up has designed Solmate. Which is an affordable and easy-to-use mini system for generating solar power for private…

Why the circular economy model is imperative for a brighter energy outlook in 2020

As the impact of climate change becomes more pronounced globally and in India, the importance of energy efficiency and effective management of resources increasingly comes into focus. When the global economy is facing challenges the case for energy efficiency remains as strong as ever. This is because efficient use and management of energy offers…

From generation and distribution to consumption, smart grids offer higher efficiency, greater control and more value by minimising the consumption of resources. Smart grids ensure energy supply requirements are met via entirely safe, secure and sustainable systems while leaving a much lower carbon footprint.

Turkey plans to produce electric vehicles with a $3.7 billion investment

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan last week unveiled a couple of all-electric vehicle prototypes that will launch TOGG, a new state-supported automotive enterprise. The first vehicle, a compact SUV, is expected by 2022. An investment of $3.7 billion will enable output of about 175,000 EVs a year. The all-electric SUV unveiled last week…

Investment in renewable energy in Latin America reaches historical levels

Although hydropower will be critical, wind and solar energy are growing faster Latin America surpasses Asia-Pacific to become the second most popular region for solar and wind energy projects. The renewable energy market in Latin America is registering an unprecedented increase in foreign investments in new facilities, led by Brazil, Chile, and…

Microgrids poised for hockey stick moment, as businesses seek energy resilience

Increasingly, U.S. companies are concluding that they need the type of business continuity, cost predictability and sustainability goal-aligned energy solutions that microgrid-plus-storage installations offer. Heading into 2020, the energy services provider Veolia is managing a pipeline of microgrid projects valued at more than $1 billion…

The two largest changes that can accelerate microgrid deployments are availability of financing and streamlined regulatory approval with the utilities. 

Angelo Campus, founder and CEO of BoxPower

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