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South West Sweden public buildings to run on clean energy after renovation

Six public housing buildings in Vårgårda are to undergo renovations in order to transition to clean energy utilization. The small town in southwest Sweden will have a microgrid, supplying year-round renewable energy to 172 apartments. The microgrid will generate heat and electricity post combination of photovoltaic panels, heat pumps, batteries…

India’s Payments Platform Vajra Gets the Blockchain Ball Rolling

While the Indian government is uncertain about the use of cryptocurrency, the National Payment Corporation of India, or NPCI, officially announced its permissioned blockchain-based platform, Varja, to make the payment process easier, faster and more transparent. After detailed research, the NPCI has developed a distributed ledger technology…

Starting this journey on a permissioned blockchain makes eminent sense to test the network operations of different types of nodes and the transactional activities conducted by the customers. At the time when China, Uruguay, Turkey, Thailand, Sweden, France etc. have already started working on their pilot projects to bring their own Center Backed Digital Currencies (CBDCs), NPCI coming up with an entire payments platform which is secure, tamper-evident, and versatile is exemplary.

Sumit Gupta, co-founder and CEO of Indian crypto platform CoinDCX

Denmark moves ahead with renewable projects

Orsted and its partners say they received funding of around US$5.2 million from the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme (EUDP) for the hydrogen project. It is due to use offshore wind power with the involvement of Nel Hydrogen, Everfuel Europe, GreenHydrogen, Hydrogen Denmark, Energinet…

Renewable hydrogen could form a cornerstone of Denmark’s ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70 per cent by 2030 and of the transition to a world that runs entirely on green energy.

Anders Nordstrøm, Orsted’s hydrogen chief

The year in solar, part III: Battery breakthroughs, inverter trouble, sustainable role models and new tech

Storage has long been expected to be the handmaiden of a renewable energy world and its long-awaited advances started to finally emerge in the third quarter as researchers posited R&D achievements ranging from potentially potent tungsten disulfide nanotubes to the business case for 10-year solar panels. As we moved into the third quarter of another…

The future of energy is being shaped in Asia

A Frenchman is credited with being the first to discover the photovoltaic effect that produces electricity from sunlight. The first solar panel was built in the US. But when Abu Dhabi decided to build the world’s largest individual solar power project, they looked east for help. The country partnered with Chinese and Japanese companies to…

Asia is the 800-pound gorilla in the energy story. First, its continued economic growth and rising standard of living will make its constituent nations pre-eminent energy consumers for the foreseeable future.

Challenges Remain in Understanding Energy Storage as an Investment

Energy storage is a rapidly growing segment of the clean energy sector, and prices are dropping fast. Yet many are still struggling to understand how to value energy storage as an investment. As a growing number of cities, states and businesses commit to 100 percent clean energy, storage is already playing a pivotal role in determining how they will…

Car powered by Scottish seaweed completes 50-mile journey in Denmark

A car powered by seaweed grown off the coast of Scotland has successfully completed a 50-mile journey as part of an international project to develop greener fuels. The vehicle set off from the Danish Technological Institute in the city of Aarhus and took a test drive on typical city roads and motorways to allow scientists to see how it performed…

I’ve been working on aspects of bioenergy from seaweed for the last 11 years, so it’s actually great to see it in a car.

Professor Michele Stanley, associate director for science, enterprise and innovation at SAMS

Solar Expo Morocco eyes 8000 visitors

Morocco is expecting to host about 8,000 visitors during the 9th edition of the “Solar Expo Morocco” that will be held February 25 to 27, 2020 in Casablanca. Launched in 2012, the “Solaire Expo Maroc” is an annual exhibition of solar technologies and one of the most important of its kind in Morocco. Over the years, the Expo has become the leading…

The 2020s Will Bring Massive Change. Why Society Might Not Be Ready.

We haven’t seen anything yet. That’s the message from Haim Israel, who has spent the past six years imagining the future for Bank of America and divining its investment implications. The Jerusalem-based strategist recently unveiled his outlook for the 2020s. The coming decade, he says, is likely to produce greater change than any previous…

One of the words we keep using is “techceleration”—accelerated growth rates led by technology. It took 64 years for 50 million people to use airplanes. For cars, 62 years. For Pokémon Go, 19 days. These things are actually happening here now. We thought that peak oil would come much later. Now, everybody thinks the point of no return on global warming is around 2030, way earlier than expected.

Haim Israel

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