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We Totally Misunderstood Blockchain

The fad is dying. A recent CB Insights report that was cited by Bloomberg announced a 60% decline in blockchain startup investments this year, down to $1.6 billion. But at the same time, large enterprises such as Microsoft, Walmart, IBM, and Samsung have either deployed their own blockchains or joined partnerships to use the technology…

Depending on how the network is run, such as globally distributed network, you don’t control where copies of the data reside, and you don’t have any recourse to ‘the right to be forgotten’ as data is inherently immutable and cannot be removed from history.

Nate D’Amico, the chief technology officer of the Nem Foundation

100% Wind, Water, & Solar Energy Can & Should Be The Goal, Costs Less

The message from the COP 25 conference in Spain is that the world must rapidly decarbonize or face an existential crisis. No fooling. We have to slash carbon emissions by 55% over the next 10 years or we are all dead ducks. That includes the billionaires who frolic in Davos as well as the migrants who congregate at national borders. The problem is, everyone…

There are a lot of countries that have committed to doing something to counteract the growing impacts of global warming, but they still don’t know exactly what to do.

Mark Jacobson, professor of civil and environmental engineering and director of the Atmosphere/Energy Program at Stanford University

Zambian government lauds Huawei for promoting access to electricity

LUSAKA, Dec. 22 (Xinhua)–The Zambian government has said the tech giant Huawei’s to construct a solar mini-grid power station in Mwinilunga District in the North-western Province of Zambia will help improve lives and bring about more economic activities in the recipient community and beyond. President Edgar Lungu who commissioned the…

There is a strong need for tremendous investment. And China can play an important role in this respect.

Chinese ambassador to Zambia, Li Jie

Meet 5 Indian corporates that have made energy conservation an important part of their business plan

Looming climate change has woken up governments, organizations, corporates, and individuals across the world. They have realized that it’s imperative to change the status quo to counter this threat, and are working to protect our environment From switching to solar rooftop panels, cutting down water consumption, and using LED Lights…

At Philips, we strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation. Our goal is to improve the lives of three billion people a year by 2025.


IBM’s new battery technology is both better and more sustainable than lithium-ion

With the effects of global warming and climate change being more evident than ever before in human history, the world is starting to move more and more towards sustainability. Sustainable power and transportation have become increasingly important over the past few decades. As such, many aspects of our lives, such as the cars we drive…


Currently, an absence of superior battery technology is impeding us in achieving the goal of protecting the environment with sustainable energy initiatives. Consequently, the target of cutting 45% emissions by 2030 set by September’s Climate Action Summit (UN) may not be within our reach.  Now, prominent leaders like Jeff Bezos…

There is a tremendous need for low-maintenance storage technology that can extend the availability of renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

Carmichael Roberts, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a group of private investors led by Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma and others

After renewable energy, what else can salvage climate change?

Three decades ago, renewable energy was considered too futuristic. The idea of plugging a car into a wall socket was unthinkable. Today, both these things are a reality. And renewable energy is expected to attract $2.3 trillion in investment this year. The same will be true in the next phase of the world’s response to climate change for adaptation…

ABM is groundbreaking. The continent where ABM should start is rightfully Africa, because it has the highest vulnerability, the poorest communities and the most development challenges, while having benefitted least from climate finance.

Luc Gnacadja, chair of the recently formed interim Executive Committee of the Adaptation Benefits Mechanism (ABM)

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