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Buy, lease or subscribe to add solar panels to your home

NEW YORK — Homeowners are clamoring to power through blackouts that have become a regrettably frequent part of life in California. The cost of solar panels and batteries has fallen. And a new California law will require all new homes to produce as much energy as they consume beginning in January. That mix of incentives has led to a surge in interest…

Interest has by far gone through the roof.

Evelyn Huang, chief customer experience officer at Sunrun

The race to develop renewable energy technologies

In the early 20th century, just as electric grids were starting to transform daily life, an unlikely advocate for renewable energy voiced his concerns about burning fossil fuels. Thomas Edison expressed dismay overusing combustion instead of renewable resources in a 1910 interview for Elbert Hubbard’s anthology, “Little Journeys to the Homes of…

This scheme of combustion to get power makes me sick to think of — it is so wasteful. You see, we should utilize natural forces and thus get all of our power. Sunshine is a form of energy, and the winds and the tides are manifestations of energy. Do we use them? Oh, no! We burn up wood and coal, as renters burn up the front fence for fuel.

Thomas Edison

Tesla sold a giant battery to an electric co-op in Alaska

The Homer Electric Association announced the deal on December 3, saying the battery will improve “grid stability, electric power reliability, and system efficiency.” The battery will reduce power outages and the use of greenhouse gases while creating more opportunities to implement renewable energy projects, the cooperative said. The battery will be able…

Amid transport mayhem, France rolls out world-first hydrogen bus fleet

While crippling transport strikes keep parts of France in a state of gridlock, residents of the charming town of Pau, on the northern edge of the Pyrénées Mountains, are being treated to a free ride on the world’s first hydrogen-powered transit buses. Hailed as a technological revolution, the sophisticated Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system Fébus…

This is a completely decarbonised transportation system with no pollution; each hydrogen vehicle emits only water.

Jean Marc Ducros, the director of alternative energies at Keolis

A Nigerian off-grid solar startup has raised $20 million to power local markets and merchants

The funding pitch for off-grid energy companies across Africa can be boiled down to one poignant statistic: the continent is home to the world’s slowest electrification rate.
The problem is most significant in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, which holds the largest population living without access to electricity. Given the high cost connecting…

Membrane inspired by bone and cartilage efficiently produces electricity from saltwater

Inspired by membranes in the body tissues of living organisms, scientists have combined aramid nanofibers used in Kevlar with boron nitride to construct a membrane for harvesting ocean energy that is both strong like bone and suited for ion transport like cartilage. The research, published December 18 in the journal Joule, overcomes…

Osmotic energy represents an enormous resource for humankind, but its implementation is severely limited by the availability of the high-performance ion-selective membranes.

Nicholas Kotov, the lead scientist in the US, a professor of engineering at the University of Michigan

IBM Changes The Energy Storage Game With Cobalt-Free Battery

The leaders of the nations of the world declined to go forth and conquer climate change during the COP25 talks in Madrid earlier this month. That leaves the business of saving the planet up to a hodgepodge of activists, inventors, NGOs, and gigantic corporations. In the latest development, IBM has just slipped word of new energy storage research…

Many battery materials, including heavy metals such as nickel and cobalt, pose tremendous environmental and humanitarian risks. Cobalt in particular, which is largely available in central Africa, has come under fire for careless and exploitative extraction practices.

IBM research

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