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All The Good (Under-the-Radar) News About Renewable Energy

The second American Revolution — the one about renewable energy — is steamrolling along, regardless of the views expressed by President* Trump. Leading US corporations are firmly behind the clean power trend, along with hundreds of local and state policymakers. What should alarm fossil fuel stakeholders, even more, is the latest news…

WindView, an open source software developed by NREL, Argonne National Laboratory, and the University of Texas at Dallas, meets this need by visualizing wind power forecasts—allowing operators to make faster, more intuitive decisions about power generation.


A step that could reshape the energy economy

North Carolina is No. 2 in the nation in solar capacity, and that leadership has transformed our state, providing great jobs, rural economic development, and low-cost, clean energy. But if solar is steadily marching our state toward an advanced energy economy, there is another technology that can turn that march into an all-out sprint. That technology is…

Here’s how electric bicycles are being used to teach new e-motorcycle riders

Believe it or not, an unassuming little electric bicycle may just be a gateway drug into the fun, exciting and environmentally friendly world of electric motorcycles. Electric motorcycles have huge potential to solve traffic congestion issues and reduce pollution levels in cities. In fact, they can be such a boon to cities that I’ve advocated for…

Blockchain and Insurance: An Inseparable Duo That Has the Potential to Revolutionize the World

The application of blockchain across the various sectors of the industries is much-talked matter since the inception of blockchain; insurance also falls well within the periphery of such a discussion. Though some critics argue the fact that blockchain only makes a marginal difference and the technology is mere hype, but on the other hand, supporters…

Debt fears aside, China’s tech will close Africa’s energy gap

Beyond the sinophobic debates on the debt trap, Africa must forge a strategic partnership with China to close the energy gap and join the league of energy-rich haves. For too long, African leaders and their economic advisers have walked on their heads and must re-read and re-write Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations if Africa is truly to claim the 21st…

Africa has tapped only one per cent of its geothermal and 10 per cent of hydro-electric potential.

Blockchain in the financial world

Blockchain is an online distributed ledger that allows parties to conduct secure (encrypted) transactions on a decentralized platform where time-stamping ensures that every data is easily traceable. It functions on peer-to-peer networking where there is minimal third-party interference.
Blockchain is not a concept, but a technical application to log…

Malta, the Future Hub of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency!

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has been witnessing unprecedented growth over the last decade. Although digital currency is far from being accepted as a substitute for fiat currency, it is gaining wider applications in different sectors, with Bitcoin being the most popular cryptocurrency. Along with cryptocurrencies, it is…

Malta is the first country to provide a regulated environment for operators in the blockchain, cryptocurrency and DLT space.

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