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Hi! Here is your dose of useful links and articles related to renewable energy and technology. Have a nice weekend!

Kenya launches Chinese-built 50MW solar power plant

NAIROBI, Dec. 15 (Xinhua) — Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday launched a 50 MW solar power farm located in Garissa, northeast region, with the plant being one of the largest photovoltaic electricity stations in Africa. The project was designed and built by the EPC contractor China Jiangxi Corporation for International Economic and…

We want money allocated for development to go to the right projects but not the pockets of a few people. You, the people, are our employers and you have the right to hold us as leaders to account to make sure your money is used properly.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta

Utility Tokens

Blockchain has brought us many useful innovations such as decentralization and trustless networks. One of the key factors for the success of this technology has been the use of tokens. As of today, utility tokens have been a game-changing concept that many startups across the globe are grabbing onto as they crowdfund. Utility tokens are the most…

Watch Tesla electric ATV prototype silently crawl in rare footage

At the end of the Cybertruck unveiling last month, Tesla brought on stage an electric ATV made by its design team. The electric ATV, called Tesla Cyberquad, was mainly used to demonstrate the loading capacity of the Cybertruck, which can lower its rear suspension to accommodate easier loading of a vehicle on a ramp to the bed of the electric…

China gives a dam about improving its green energy infrastructure

An engineering project of bewildering size, some of the statistics pertaining to the Three Gorges Dam are hard to believe. The dam, which bestrides the Yangtze River in Central China, is 7,661ft long and more than 600ft high. It required 463,000 tonnes of steel to build and is so large that the mass of water that built up behind it caused the rotation…

California now has 1 million solar roofs. Are 1 million batteries next?

For Clovis Unified School District outside Fresno, the economics of solar power has been too good to pass up. And for the solar industry, the district’s investments in sun-generated electricity have helped fuel a milestone 14 years in the making. Clovis Unified has installed solar systems covering parking lots and play areas at 47 of the 52 school…

If we’re going to use the dollars we have wisely and be good stewards of public dollars, then this is something we can’t ignore.

Michael Johnston, Clovis Unified’s associate superintendent of administrative services

Renewables hit 90% of Kenyan power with new 50 MW solar plant

NAIROBI, Dec 13 (Reuters) – Kenya brought a new 50 megawatt (MW) solar plant online on Friday which it said would mean renewable energy, led by hydroelectricity, now makes up more than 90% of its power mix. The government is increasing electricity generation and investing in Kenya’s power grid to keep up with growing demand and reduce…

The 50MW solar plant has increased the share of renewable energy in our energy mix to more than 90%.

Kenya’s Ministry of Energy

Used EV batteries will power Mitsubishi’s electric-vehicle manufacturing plant

EV critics often cast doubt about waste associated with used electric-car batteries. What they overlook is recycling efforts as well as the second use of batteries for stationary energy storage. The latest of many projects to deploy used EV batteries in buildings was announced today by Mitsubishi.
The Japanese automaker said it will partially power the…

TOP 10 concept cars of 2019

following the trend from 2018, our TOP 10 concept cars of 2019 are now – for the first time – all electric. whether debuting at trade shows, live-streamed presentations or both, the electrification of these models has sparked further ecological and technological conversations surrounding the rapidly changing topic of mobility. manufacturers are not…

Blockchain Pilot Makes Waves in Russia’s Energy Sector

Earlier this week, Russian tech startup Waves announced it has been testing a blockchain solution for payments in the retail electricity sector. The pilot program was initiated by Rosseti, Russia’s national energy grid operator, which is looking to automate and make transactions between energy producers, suppliers and consumers more transparent…

By its nature the sector consists of consumers and producers which are widespread across the entirety of a country. I can only imagine that in Russia, the largest country in the world, the magnitude of the problems can be much bigger than we see in other regions. In today’s modern electricity almost everyone can create voltage and hence the management problems of such a wide supply chain is inevitable. Particularly, it’s hard to introduce trust relation and proper monitoring when dealing with such systems.

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