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Flow Batteries And 3 Other Game-Changing Technologies For Storing Renewable Energy

Energy storage technologies are evolving quickly, but there is still a long way to go before they can join with renewable energy sources to form a stand-alone solution to the world’s power needs. Lithium-ion batteries have long been seen as the answer to overcoming the intermittency issues associated with renewables. Yet they are not without…

EGEB: UN chief — ‘We urgently need more businesses to back away from fossil fuels’

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres (pictured above) returned to the 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Madrid to issue a plea to businesses to pressure governments to address the climate crisis. He acknowledged that private businesses have made great progress, and they need to continue that…

What Big Tech is really doing to cut carbon

Although you can’t see it, cloud technology can produce a sizeable carbon footprint. When a user streams videos and sends messages back and forth, they access their data stored in the cloud via electricity. These data centers are still integral components of cloud computing and data storage, which emit 2 percent of all electricity usage in the…

UAE- the key participant of sustainability and renewable energy development

For the past 13 years, by developing multiple projects at home and abroad, the UAE has left a clear mark on the renewable energy sector. The country has deployed the latest solutions, supported scientific research, and has played a vital role in mobilizing international efforts to make sustainable use of renewable energy sources…

CLP Group builds smart energy management platform on AWS

CLP Holdings (CLP), one of the largest investor-owned power companies in Asia Pacific, has launched its online energy marketplace which runs entirely on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Called, Smart Energy Connect (SEC), the smart energy platform focused on sustainability innovation by helping businesses and utilities find the applications they…

The energy sector in Asia is going through a wave of innovation as the economy continues to grow. Technology is helping the utility industry create value for customers through innovative energy management solutions, empowering the growth of renewables and distributed energy resources to make businesses more sustainable.

Austin  Bryan, senior director – Innovation and Ventures, CLP

The Effulgence Of Europe’s Electric Auto Production

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) reported that in 2018, 19.2 million motor vehicles were produced in the EU. This was 20% of the 98.1 million motor vehicles produced globally. Within the spectrum of auto production, there is an increasing focus on “Electrically-Chargeable Vehicles” (ECVs). These include full battery…

The electric model offensive of the German manufacturers is in full swing, … German automakers will triple their electric car offerings to 150 models by 2023 and invest €50 billion ($60 billion) by 2024.

Bernhard Mattes, head of the country’s VDA auto lobby

One More Time, With Feeling: GE’s Latest Approach to Energy Storage

The workhorse Power division was split up, to start. Though still a top supplier of the world’s natural-gas turbines, the division had turned into a money-loser as renewables adoption surged. Meanwhile, an expanded Renewable Energy division materialized with some 40,000 employees and billions of dollars in revenue. And GE’s up-and-coming…

This is where you provide the performance guarantees; this is where you wrap everything up. This is what customers will come to you for and stay with you for over 20 years. You need companies that can stick around for another 20 years to be able to provide these wraps.

GE Renewable Energy Hybrid Solutions CEO Prakash Chandra

Myanmar Solar: Lots of Potential, But a Cloudy Outlook for Solar Energy Development and Growth

Solar energy is just beginning to gain some traction in Myanmar, a country that has been gradually opening up its economy and society to the world since 2011. Demand for energy has been growing fast, in parallel with the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) member’s economy, and solar energy is competing against a…

However, there is still a lot of work to be done by the government to unleash this solar potential and attract foreign direct investment in the solar industry in Myanmar.

FinerGreen and ABO Wind, the authors of the SolarPower Europe Emerging Markets Task Force’s Myanmar research report

The Smart American city

On Tuesday evening, Axios Cities Correspondent Kim Hart hosted a series of one-on-one conversations to discuss the future of smart cities, highlighting technology like AI and IoT. Director of the District Department of Transportation, Jeff Marootian, discussed how transit in Washington, D.C. has changed in the past ten years, and how the advent of…

Smart isn’t simply about the technology. It’s not about just the infrastructure, the sensors or the hardware. Being smart is about having the information.

Executive Director of State and Local Government Solutions at Microsoft, Kim Nelson

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