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Russia’s National Energy Grid Operator Tests Blockchain for Retail Payments

Russia’s national energy grid operator Rosetti is testing a blockchain solution for payments in the retail electricity sector. The system — initiated by Rosseti and developed by the Russian distributed ledger technology (DLT) startup Waves — aims to automate and make transactions between energy producers, suppliers, and consumers more…

Why Eskom’s Power Crisis Is South Africa’s Top Risk

A crisis at South Africa’s dominant electricity supplier, Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd., threatens the nation’s economy. The state-owned utility can’t cover its costs and make the huge interest payments on its mountain of debt. Its poorly maintained power plants are struggling to meet demand, and it has gone through 10 chief executive officers in a…

Nine Countries “Take Flight” With Green Banks for Climate Action

As pressure builds for stronger country-level action to curb climate change, nine countries and partners are demonstrating that leadership at the COP25 climate conference by announcing progress towards creating green banks, which attract private financing for clean energy and low-carbon development. The countries spotlighted their…

Climate change must be addressed with bold actions to deploy new technologies rapidly and at scale. To this end, AfDB, with support from the Climate Investment Funds, is working with the Coalition for Green Capital to explore how Green Banks and National Climate Change Funds can raise and deploy blended capital to finance local climate infrastructure while also driving an increase in private investment.

Prof. Anthony Nyong, Director of Climate Change and Green Growth at the African Development Bank (AfDB)

Tencent’s WeBank to Power China’s Blockchain Network

WeBank, China’s first digital bank, will provide the technical infrastructure for the country’s nationwide blockchain-based service network (BSN), according to a Chinese state media report (in Mandarin). BSN plans to offer infrastructure services for any Chinese or international entity that uses blockchain. According to the agreement…

Users in various industries often face dilemmas such as high cost of forming a chain, heterogeneity of the underlying platform, and inability to interact with data. Promoting the construction of public infrastructure at the bottom of the blockchain has become the meaning of pursuing the development of the digital economy.

The New Energy Era: The Lithium-Ion Supply Chain

The world is rapidly shifting to renewable energy technologies. Battery minerals are set to become the new oil, with lithium-ion battery supply chains becoming the new pipelines. China is currently leading this lithium-ion battery revolution—leaving the U.S. dependent on its economic rival. However, the harsh lessons of the 1970-80s oil crises…

MSU Research Leads to North America’s First Commercial Hydrogen-Powered Train

Research from Michigan State University’s Center for Railway Research and Education (CRRE) contributed to the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority’s (SBCTA) decision to order the first commercial hydrogen-powered train for use in North America.SBCTA was seeking low- or zero-emission options for its new Arrow railway service…

Investigating alternative fuels and powertrains for railway vehicles is one of our areas of expertise. We are globally leading in this field with particular expertise in hydrogen fuel cell railway vehicles, so this project was a natural fit.

Andreas Hoffrichter, Burkhardt Professor in Railway Management and Executive Director of the CRRE

Hacking into a sustainable energy future

During the third weekend in November, students from MIT and colleges across the globe convened on MIT’s campus to hack real-world challenges in the energy industry at the 2019 MIT EnergyHack. Hackers arrived at the Stata Center that Friday evening and had 36 hours to come up with a solution to the challenge they were assigned with their team…

We wanted the participants to come away recognizing the importance of engaging in sustainable actions in day-to-day life while being an agent to propagate the message of sustainability and action on climate change to their home countries.

Supratim Das, a PhD and MBA dual-degree candidate in chemical engineering

Utilities can profit from a DER-heavy future by transitioning from traditional business models: report

Utilities must prepare for more distributed energy resources on the grid, including by making targeted investments and factoring in DER uptake in integrated planning, a white paper issued Tuesday by Ernst & Young and GridWise Alliance said. But for that to occur, utilities would need to embrace changes in traditional utility models to enable…

DER has already grown so much in the last decade, the resource is expected to emerge of significant scale and scope to support the larger transactional volumes that will be needed to enable a truly digital and decentralized energy marketplace by 2030.

The LCG Energy ecosystem to revolutionize the energy trading with blockchain

Blockchain technology is expected to grow from its current market value of more than $5 billion to over $25 billion by 2024, a staggering 500% increase that sets the vital role the technology will play in the energy sector. Two of the industries where blockchain initially found numerous use cases and offered a better alternative to their current…

How Blockchain Will Shake Up the Financial World: 5 Questions for Author Alex Tapscott

Alex Tapscott is best known for his best-selling book Blockchain Revolution, which he co-wrote with his father about the power of distributed ledger technology. The 33-year-old Toronto resident is also an accomplished executive in the world of finance, which is the subject of a new anthology he edited, Financial Services Revolution…

All three pillars of our modern world are now deeply invested and engaged in the blockchain. At first it was just civil society working through boot-strapped projects like Bitcoin that originated in distrust of authority. Now you’re increasingly seeing governments who are piloting the idea of crypto-fiat currencies, and private industry efforts such as Facebook’s Libra.

Alex Tapscott

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