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Hi! Here is your dose of useful links and articles related to renewable energy and technology. Have a nice weekend!

Energy Stored as Gravity – Clean, Efficient, Safe

After receiving £750,000 in the first week of an October crowdfunding campaign, Gravitricity, an industrious renewable energy storage system, is set to build their concept demonstrator in Scotland next year. Touted as the cheapest and one of the cleanest forms of energy storage in the global fast-responding energy market, Gravitricity…

Second act: Used electric vehicle batteries charge up the grid

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed an innovative control system for repurposed electric vehicle battery packs to store electricity for home use and are scaling up the technology to a large, power grid-level project. Even after batteries have reached the end of their first useful life powering electric vehicles, or EVs…

Developing new technologies for energy storage is essential to a well-balanced, modern power grid increasingly reliant on renewable, distributed energy. This project also supports a circular economy by reusing a valuable commodity, minimizing waste, and ensuring reliable, secure delivery of electricity for a robust economy.

Imre Gyuk, director of Energy Storage Research at DOE’s Office of Electricity

Electric vehicles return after 100 years

WARREN — There’s nothing new under the sun — including electric vehicles which, with steam vehicles, dominated the automobile market at the turn of the 20th century. At the time, Ohio was a leader in automobile manufacturing — Cleveland was “Detroit before Detroit became Detroit” — and Cleveland-based Baker Electric was a pioneer in electric…

Electric vehicles were incredibly popular at the turn of the century. In fact, electric and steam vehicles outnumbered gasoline vehicles by about 80 percent.

John C. Lutsch, program and marketing manager for the Crawford Auto-aviation Museum in Cleveland

BlackRock aims a $2.5 billion fund at commercial and industrial solar, wind, and battery storage

The good news is that the world’s largest fund manager, BlackRock, just closed $1 billion of a record $2.5 billion fund dedicated to solar, wind, and energy storage projects. The bad news is that the $2.5 billion fund is a tiny fraction of BlackRock’s $6.96 trillion balance sheet and small change compared to BlackRock’s $17.5 billion investment in coal…

As global power generation shifts from two-thirds fossil fuels to two-thirds renewables over the next few decades, renewables are increasingly becoming a standalone allocation for investors and one of the most active sectors in infrastructure.

David Giordano, Global Head of BlackRock Renewable Power

The Rising Popularity of Energy Storage as a Service

As energy storage becomes an increasingly critical element of the modern grid, a wide range of business models are available on the market. Energy storage as a service (ESaaS), in particular, is gaining traction among service providers. Corporate commercial and industrial (C&I) energy and sustainability managers are increasingly seeking cost-effective…

Algae-Laden Hydrogels Could Bring Buildings to Life

Air pollution and high energy consumption are issues affecting densely populated cities worldwide. The need to develop solutions to curb these banes of urban living has inspired the design of building infrastructure that can react and adapt to changing environmental conditions. Unlike conventional, static building materials, smart materials…

Green growth: Africa chooses between renewables and fossil fuels

Least responsible for heating the planet, but hardest hit by the extreme weather it has already caused, African countries are mostly trying to adapt to climate change rather than slow its march. But several of them have set “green growth” targets that rank among the most ambitious in the world. Ethiopia plans to become a middle-income country…

It is not a God-given tension. It is a tension that can be effectively managed through policy.

Okereke, lead author of the study

Smart Cities Need Some Smarter Efforts to Fructify

By 2050, about 70% of the global population will be living in cities, and India is no exception. The country needs about 500 new cities to accommodate the influx into its urban regions. In this context, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious $30 billion 100 Smart Cities Mission has raised great expectations. However, five years through there has…

Bolder, more holistic, cross-vertical, and closed-loop approaches are required to optimize and maximize the potential of available resources and services. This can only be done by leveraging a range of very advanced technologies including, urban modeling and digital twins, AI and automation, demand-response software, edge/cloud platforms, and generative design.

Dominique Bonte, VP at ABI Research

Bakersfield has far more jobs in oil than solar, despite Schwarzenegger’s false claim

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger likes to boast about his home state’s move to clean energy sources such as wind and solar.  But on Sunday’s Meet the Press on NBC, the GOP politician, and climate activist may have gone too far.  Schwarzenegger was on the show promoting World War Zero, a coalition of scientists, politicians, and celebrities…

I just want to tell you that, for instance, in California, in Bakersfield, where there’s a lot of oil drilling going on, there’s more solar jobs now in Bakersfield and around that area than there are oil jobs. People are leaving the oil fields and going to work in solar and clean energy and stuff like that.

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

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