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Weiss Crypto Ratings Model: Why We’ve Made Some Changes

We made some changes in our Weiss Ratings Model this week. They’re not major. Nor do they produce the kind of upgrades or downgrades that imply any modification to your investment strategy and tactics. But for the sake of transparency, we want you to be aware of them. To better understand where we are today, we’ll need to go back to the…

We’ve always recognized that crypto developers can copy-and-paste old code, make minor tweaks and then tout those tweaks as “revolutionary.” Thus, we’ve always penalized copycat technology.

DERs Arising: Who You Going to Call?

Love them or hate them, distributed energy resources (DERs) are a fact of life for utilities today. Anecdotally, we know DERs are hot based on DER development activity, customer inquiries, and the real acid test: multiple industry conferences per year devoted to the topic! In fact, a report issued mid-year by Navigant Consulting Inc. shows revenue…

Richard Curran: ‘Few of us are ready to pay the real price of going green’

Building materials group Kingspan has decided to go green. In truth, the company has been tapping into the environmental benefits of greener products for years. The company has done incredibly well knowing that its insulation products meant less fossil fuel used in home heating, which is good for the planet. But now it is going a…

Coupling pumped hydro with renewables and other storage technologies

The combination of pumped hydro with other storage technologies can increase renewables penetration, improve operational safety and reduce maintenance costs at large-scale hydropower plants, according to new research. The study also focuses on techniques to determine the optimal size of renewables-based pumped hydro storage systems…

Huge turbine parts complete 630km truck journey to W.A. wind, solar microgrid

Australia’s first mining sector project to use wind power as part of a large hybrid renewable microgrid is starting to take shape, with the first turbine components arriving on-site in the Western Australia northern goldfields region. Goldwind said on Thursday that deliveries had begun to the Agnew gold mine site, where five GW140/3.57MW turbines would…

This is a significant milestone for both the Agnew gold mine and the broader Gold Fields Group, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to strengthening our energy security, optimising energy costs and reducing our carbon footprint through the adoption of new technologies.

Gold Fields executive vice president Stuart Mathews

Africa Could Power a Green Revolution

Just before this year’s global climate summit opened in Madrid recently, researchers announced that emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels will hit a record high in 2019. Although the 0.6 percent rate of growth is less than last year’s 2.1 percent, the total which must be cut to prevent the most catastrophic and irreversible scenarios is still…

An effective substitute for small gasoline generators, such as solar systems, can tap into a $12 billion-a-year market in Nigeria alone.

Access to Energy Institute

Technology group Wärtsilä is to provide a full energy storage solution for one of the largest power hybrid projects at Fekola off-grid gold mine in Mali.

The Fekola Mine is located in a remote region in southwest Mali. The energy storage solution is needed to improve the mine’s operations, reduce fuel consumption, and lessen its carbon emissions. Wärtsilä has been contracted to design and engineer a cutting-edge 17MW/15MWh energy storage system based on the company’s GEMS energy management…

We chose Wärtsilä because of their experience in the region, and because of their capabilities in designing and managing hybrid plants. We wanted to optimise full electricity generation at the mine using solar and energy storage. A key part of this solution is Wärtsilä’s state-of-the-art GEMS technology; it was an easy decision.

Jan Clausen, Project Manager at B2Gold

Microgrids and micromanagement: talking energy with ABB’s Niklas Persson

With many countries in Europe setting ambitious emissions targets, what more can be done on a regulatory level to integrate renewables? Umar Ali sat down with ABB’s grid integration managing director Niklas Persson to find out more. ABB is a Swiss-Swedish technology multinational, operating primarily in the robotics, automation and…

12 Strategies to Step Up Global Energy Efficiency

A drastic reduction in global energy use will be essential for an affordable and manageable transition to a renewables-based clean energy future, according to a joint 12-strategies report today by the European Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, and the India-based Alliance for an Energy…

While carbon pricing and the removal of fossil-fuel subsidies are important to create a level playing field for energy efficiency, price and market signals alone are far from enough to steer the world in the right direction.

Nils Borg, ECEEE’s executive director

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