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One of the most innovative renewables projects planned anywhere globally has got a second lease of life with energy storage company 1414 Degrees (ASX: 14D) purchasing Solar Reserve Australia for a nominal price. For $2 million 1414 Degrees will take control of the company’s Aurora Solar Energy Project at Port Augusta in South Australia and two…

Heat from the TESS-GRID can power smart farms, protected cropping greenhouses and industry, and 1414 Degrees is investigating production of hydrogen using the excess heat from its turbines.

Dutch solar company aims to power up more than a million Nigerian households

Lumos Global, a Dutch company specializing in off-grid solar power, plans to light up more than a million Nigerian households by 2025 as it expands in Africa’s most populous country of more than 200-million where only 60% have access to electricity. The Nigerian government announced last week that it awarded a share of a $75m World Bank…

The market is enormous. Having some assistance with that significant capex outlay and investment through these sorts of grants is a real help.

Lumos CEO Alistair Gordon said of Nigeria’s fast-growing population

3 Game-Changing Electric Vehicle Technologies

Millions of electric cars are to hit the market next year as every self-respecting carmaker submits its lineup of plug-in vehicles for the environmentally conscious. Sales forecasts for these electric gems vary but tend to be generally optimistic, so carmakers’ hopes run high.
There is just one small problem with this perfect…

We will do a round-robin type of charging scheme, or divide the power between all cars or first-come, first-serve or different types of solutions so you won’t over-consume, but you will still deliver power to all cars.

founder Lior Handelsman told Clean Technica

Solar-powered Licola Wilderness Village becomes prototype for off-grid communities

Located 50 kilometers from the nearest electricity grid, Licola has historically been powered by diesel generators. Licola Wilderness Village CEO and operations manager Tony Davis said the move to solar power had reduced energy-production costs and carbon emissions by 90 percent…

Licola is very much a world’s best practice now for what is called a micro grid. The energy we produce via our solar systems can power the entire town.

Licola Wilderness Village CEO and operations manager Tony Davis

‘Leapfrog’ or letdown in battery tech?

In recent months, Nikola Corp. and Tesla have announced major leaps in battery technology that, if proven, could lead to big improvements in EV range. But in an industry where exaggerated claims are commonplace, not everyone is convinced these latest breakthroughs will live up to their promise. In April, CEO Elon Musk teased a lithium-ion…

Tesla’s announcement of a million-mile battery, I wouldn’t say is backed up, but they do have a published paper … where they explain exactly what they’re talking about and why they made that claim and what the actual performance data of this particular battery recipe that they came up with that has essentially 20,000 cycles to it.

Solar Powered Kiosks, a Genius Way of Promoting Renewable Energy

Having a mobile phone is one thing. And charging it is also another thing. This becomes apparent against the backdrop of a continent that is still grappling with providing universal electrical power to everyone. Where there is no electricity, solar-powered kiosks fill in the gap. In Rwanda, these portable solar-powered kiosks are already being used by…

The idea of the kiosk was simple, I saw charging stations at airports when I travel and thought it would be great to do something similar.

Henri Nyakarundi, the founder of ARED

Tesla Powerwall Battery Wins Japan’s Smart Energy Excellence Award

Tesla’s Powerwall battery has won Japan’s Smart Energy Excellence Award. This is just one more award in Tesla’s vast and growing collection — a collection that needs to be celebrated by not only Tesla fans, owners, and shareholders, but by everyone. Usually, when Tesla wins an award, it’s for a vehicle, not the energy side of the business. However, this…

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