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Decarbonize and electrify now, or we’re all in big trouble

The United Nations (UN) released its 10th annual Emissions Gap Report 2019 today. The report presents the latest data on the expected gap in 2030 for the Paris Agreement’s 1.5C and 2C temperature targets. For the first time, it looks at how large annual cuts need to be from 2020 to 2030…

Those are the people that are starting small businesses that are in their community, and they’re doing retrofits. They’re doing weatherization. They’re doing insulation work or windows work and all that. So they’re in those local communities, and they are a lot of growing new small businesses.

MEEA’s executive director Stacey Paradis

Formula E electric cars racing at 170 MPH become test labs for family vehicles

Not every advance in electric-vehicle technology takes place inside the sterile calm of a research laboratory. BMW, Volkswagen’s Audi and a Silicon Valley-based battery maker are helping push the boundaries by racing electric-powered cars through Saudi Arabia, New York, London, and Seoul…

What we are doing in Formula E is highly relevant back on the road. We are able to come in and help them immediately in improving the product.

Dilbagh Gill, chief executive and team principal of India’s Mahindra Racing

Sunny Days Ahead

New solar-powered work tables bring shade and electricity to UC Santa Barbara’s HSSB courtyard
Visitors to the busy courtyard outside of UC Santa Barbara’s Humanities and Social Sciences Building (HSSB) now have an outdoor study spot that is as good for the environment as it is for students…

The HSSB courtyard is an attractive and popular space for students, staff and faculty. The addition of these solar benches will enhance the use of the space and serve as a tangible statement of UCSB’s commitment to sustainable energy.

John Majewski, Michael Douglas Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts

Thailand Introduces Blockchain-Based Tax Refunds for Oil Exporters

The Excise Department in Thailand is poised to introduce a new way of refunding overpaid taxes to oil exporters by using blockchain technology. On Nov. 25, director-general Patchara Anuntasilpa told the Bangkok Post that the Thailand Excise Department will change its current…

Renewable Energy’s Impact on Power Systems

Energy markets are undergoing some massive transitions. Growing demand for electricity, when combined with the need to limit carbon emissions, drives a huge increase in renewables. This growth is accelerated by the falling cost of renewables and is further encouraged by polices to decarbonize the…

What happens when the humble circuit breaker becomes a computer

I have been writing a lot lately about a big trend in the energy world, namely the decentralization of the energy system. Almost all electricity used to be generated at large power plants and carried over long-distance, high voltage transmission lines before it was dumped into local distribution grids…

Are Electric Vehicles Really About To Plateau Oil Demand?

Market conjecture over the transition of human mobility to electric vehicles (EVs) resulting in a cooling of oil demand has been steadily gathering momentum in recent years. There are also those who are dismissive and plenty who are supportive of such an event occurring in little over a decade…

…subsidies, at least in the near term, increasingly strict fuel economy targets, restrictions or penalties on the sale or use of conventional cars or their circulation.

Dr Fatih Birol, Executive Director of IEA

Grid-connected advanced compressed air energy storage plant comes online in Ontario

Developer NRStor and technology provider Hydrostor has completed work on a multi-megawatt, commercial, advanced compressed air energy storage (A-CAES) system in Canada. The project at Goderich, Ontario, has been under joint development by the pair since 2017. In a release…

NRStor and Hydrostor’s Compressed Air Energy Storage project is a great example of the innovation we’re seeing in this province, and will help us further understand how these unique resources can best integrate with Ontario’s market and system operations, and drive down costs for consumers.

Ontario IESO president and CEO Peter Gregg

ASEAN’s Largest Off-Grid Hybrid Microgrid Now Live

The inaugural project in CleanGrid Partners’ $100 million microgrid investment portfolio has gone live in the Philippines. Installed by the WEnergy Global Fund’s Sabang Renewable Energy Corporation (SERC), the off-grid hybrid microgrid is located in the town of Cabuyagan on the Philippine…

Many local and foreign companies went to see the site before us, but never returned with a solution. In those days, a smart microgrid sounded like science fiction.

WEnergy CEO and co-founder Atem Ramsundersingh

Solar and Wind Power Will Cost Less Than Coal by 2030, According to One Analyst’s Math

Renewable energy is cheaper than international agencies currently assume and will only get more cost-competitive with fossil fuel sources, according to a new Bernstein report. World leaders are prioritizing renewables such as solar and wind power to slow the pace of climate change…

With some of today’s renewables cost in Europe up to 60% below IEA’s estimates and 20-30% below Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s assumptions, high cost relative to other technologies or high cost for the system are less and less of a headwind for renewables.

Bernstein analyst Meike Becker

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