Interview with James Thomas, Managing Director, Future Tec Group

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James Thomas, managing director, Future Tec Group

FutureTec is clearly leading the pack when it comes to modern lighting and communications systems – this was an excellent interview with James Thomas. Not only was he easy to communicate with, but he also had an excellent knowledge of the product and a superb vision for the future. Do keep an eye on this company; they will be there in the future of our streetlights!

What was the original idea behind the company? When was this idea executed?

Future Tec Group was established in 2012, focused on IT and support services. As the company expanded, new opportunities have led to a 360 approach to IT, Networking, and MEP. Our goal is to deliver agile, client-focused services, and solutions. We are working as a team to complete multi-faceted projects to the highest standard.

James Thomas, our managing director, works alongside a highly focused management team who are forward-thinking, adaptable, and continue to push the business expansion. The team supports the original vision of a human approach to the world of IT, with clients at heart. It’s the essence of the business and reflects the personality of its founder.

In 2018, FutureTec strategy was to review waste management and environmental impact within all sectors. Through extensive research and evaluation, this highlighted a need to drive a new approach: changing behaviors of operations, influencing, and informing clients of opportunities to deliver more sustainable solutions and services. FutureTec is striving to improve the norms and adapt their client’s businesses to future-proof them.

Omniflow is the first unique product that FutureTec has chosen to offer to their clients. The product has been considered carefully and aligns itself with the business strategy and environmental policy of FutureTec. We are really excited about the partnership. We believe that through our development in the environmental sector, we can support our clients to make more positive impacts. Watch this space: there’s more to come!

Where has the funding for your company come from?

FutureTec is self-funded.

How does your OMNILED platform stand out from your competitors?

We are incredibly proud to bring Omniled to the UK market. It has patented technology that is unique, making it the only platform of its type currently on the market.

Some key facts why OmniLED stands out:

  • Carbon Neutral Light (can be configured to 200 different sensors)
  • 4G capability – It can provide lighting, IoT, surveillance and monitoring, without any electrical or communication cabling infrastructure
  • Proactively monitors and reports on the status of 100’s of sensors that can be integrated
  • Alerts end-users of status and prevents unnecessary travel to maintain
  • Carbon neutral with low quantiles of IoT devices
  • Consolidate multiple services into one piece of street furniture

At what stage is your company’s development currently at? What are the next steps?

FutureTec works very closely with the Omniflow R&D team and has very close access to communicate and consult with the product designers.

As part of FutureTec’s environmental strategy, we have identified the next devices we believe can support our clients, compliment OmniLED, and have a positive environmental impact. Commercial discussions are ongoing.

Where are the areas you are looking to expand to? Why?

The OmniLED naturally provides opportunities to work with clients to lower their Carbon Footprint.

A key expansion area for FutureTec is collaborating with businesses to further reduce their carbon footprint. FutureTec is able to bring all their expert engineers in electrical and mechanical fields to provide a service that audits and reviews businesses existing footprint and makes recommendations to; consolidate their IT solutions saving money and electrical consumption. Offer new energy-saving platforms to make businesses become more sustainable.

How do you see the energy market changing in the foreseeable future?

The Climate Crisis is happening. With this statement, the demand for renewable energy sources such as wind, wave, solar and hydrogen is set to increase at a rapid rate and Future Tec recognizes that the market will change significantly. Whilst there is already a plethora of products, with a greater focus in this area and technologies advancing, the market will move quickly as our personal and business demands adapt to a greener way of operating.

However, these products will not work alone. It is important to offer support services and change the behaviors of how we/our clients operate, to ensure sustainable alternatives aid clients’ needs and support new Government Policies to future proof businesses.

At FutureTec, we are working to offer our clients a 360 service from installation to support and are working with our close partners to ensure we stay ahead in this arena.

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