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Martin Berg on sustainable finance: Where does it stand?

In 2018, the European Investment Bank (EIB) put 30 percent of its total financing expenditures – EUR 16.2 billion – into projects focused on slowing and adapting to climate change, and this year is on track to invest more. This makes the EIB one of the biggest climate financers in the world and further…

Financial obstacles inhibit cleantech growth in the UAE

As regional governments become increasingly aware of the social and economic threat posed by climate change, population growth, and resource over-consumption, there is a growing appreciation that improved energy efficiency, reduced use of non-renewable resources and environmental…

The UAE is the most attractive ecosystem in the Mena region for startups.

Steven Griffiths, senior vice-president of research and development and professor of practice at Khalifa University of Science and Technology

Calix launches advanced battery reactor in Victoria

Calix has announced the opening of its BATMn reactor for advanced battery materials by Senator David Van in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria. BATMn is a $2.7m proprietary electric reactor, based on Calix’s core technology, for producing advanced battery materials, part-funded by the Australian…

The rapid growth in electric vehicles and renewable energy is creating a global need for more efficient, cheaper, higher-capacity and more sustainable energy storage options.

Calix CEO Phil Hodgson

11 Businesses That Are Changing the World Today

A successful business is known by the relevance provided to its immediate community. While there are several economic industries globally, it might be difficult to judge all businesses by a single yardstick. However, this article aims to point to certain businesses across various industries whose…

Tesla’s Elon Musk was offered a truck design by Nikola CEO right after Cybertruck unveiling

Nikola Motors CEO Trevor Milton has offered a more traditional truck design to Elon Musk immediately following his presentation of Tesla’s “Blade Runner” inspired Cybertruck. The unveiling of the all-electric Cybertruck brought on polarizing outlooks from across the automotive community…

Hey @elonmusk we don’t build cars or trucks, but I’m happy to donate this truck design if your team wants to hit a broader market. My team designed it just in case and I’m happy to let you build it since we won’t. Let me know and we can talk.

Nikola Motors CEO Trevor Milton

Renewable energy for Sustainable Development in Ghana: where should we focus the laser?

While in recent times electricity and power supply issues have become a rife talking point for many Ghanaians, due to the ongoing hullabaloo surrounding the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG)/Power Distribution Services (PDS) deal, energy production, including electricity supply for…

The setting sun on India’s solar dreams

In September, while speaking at the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York, Prime Minister Narendra Modi committed to setting up 450 gigawatts (GW) of non-fossil fuel power by 2022. With this, he more than doubled the initial target of 175GW of green energy that his own…

If the economy does not revive, then we won’t care much about the clean energy target. That moves down in the list of priorities.

Ashwini K. Swain, executive director at the Centre for Energy, Environment and Resources, Delhi

From China to the outback: Logistical nightmare behind transport of gigantic wind turbines

In what could only be described as a logistical nightmare, workers are preparing to transport a new wind farm more than 630 kilometers inland to power one of Australia’s biggest gold mines.
Fifteen blades, measuring 66 meters in length, will be trucked individually from Geraldton on WA’s…

We have a very detailed plan to truck them out, special machinery, special trucks that can handle the turbines and the blades.

James Harman, chief executive of Brisbane-based company EDL Energy

Hydrogen: The long overdue solution

Energy transition and decarbonization are becoming increasingly critical to addressing the ever-growing concerns of climate change. In spearheading decarbonization efforts, we must pay special attention to the development of hydrogen. 
Hydrogen is more than just another option that we…

How AI and Blockchain Can Make Perfect Powerful Pair in Every Industry

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are the two trailblazing technologies. Blockchain is a distributed ledger that stores information in an encrypted, immutable set-up. Moreover, AI is a term used to explain whether a machine can perform assignments that require intelligence…

Abu Dhabi and Dubai recognised among the world’s top Hyperconnected Cities

Data is at the core of successful smart city innovation, according to new research from Oracle and economic and urban research consultancy ESI ThoughtLab. The Building a Hyperconnected City study found that cities are drowning in data from advancements such as…

The public sector, particularly at local level, is dealing with seismic technological, demographic and environmental shifts. Data is the rocket fuel for this transformation, and progressive cities are turning to cloud, data platforms, mobile applications and IoT as a way to scale and prepare for the future.

Susan O’Connor, global director for Smart Cities, Oracle

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